What is looksmaxer.com about?

Looksmaxer.com is a website providing practical information that will help you improve your facial attractiveness, physique, fashion, sex appeal, and overall lifestyle. Our goal is to help you become more attractive. Looksmaxer.com also includes articles on money, social status, dating, and more.

Is looksmaxer.com only for men?

Looksmaxer.com is geared towards a more male audience and more male grooming advice and self-improvement. Women can take the information here and apply it to their own lives as well. Physical attractiveness affects all people regardless of gender.

Why should I improve my looks?

Improving your looks is the first step to self-improvement. Having good looks will open new doors and create an interest in other people. And, knowing that you look your best will give you a sense of confidence and relief. When searching deeper for information on male-focused content online we saw a gap in the online space.

Why was looksmaxer.com created?

Looksmaxer.com was created to become a go-to resource for improving your looks. There are many websites focused on skin care, hair care, grooming, fashion, etc. Rather than piecing bits of information from multiple sources, Looksmaxer.com incorporates many sub-topics in one place.

Is improving my looks that important?

Yes, it is.

Many men would chuckle at the idea of using skincare creams, fashion, and dieting. But this is due to pure ignorance. The average person truly underestimates how important your physical appearance is.

Studies show that in school, unattractive teens become less popular when they act aggressively. But the same behavior in teens who were seen as attractive did not affect their social status. Another example of the “halo effect”“.

Even more, studies suggest that physical attractiveness is the strongest predictor of romantic interest in both sexes. Not just your personality, like many people have come to believe.

The point is that your looks are an extremely important part of your life. Being seen as unattractive can greatly get in the way of securing a partner, certain jobs, and more. And if it’s possible to fix your flaws, why wouldn’t you?

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