Being Ugly: 7 Painful Things Only Ugly People Know

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Ugliness is defined as “the quality of being unpleasant or repulsive in appearance”. Ugliness can feel like an unbreakable curse with no way out. And it can be hard to relate to people who don’t share your life experience.

There are a few things about life that only ugly people will understand. If you are average or even attractive, you might be shocked and find these realities hard to believe. But for those who are facially disabled will resonate.

Ugly people are more likely to get bullied and picked on

The good-looking kids in school are usually the most popular. They get their asses kissed and are highly desired among their pers. Some attractive kids might even belittle or bully less attractive, less popular peers.

The worst part is this treatment doesn’t end after high school. Research done by the Journal of Human Performance revealed that workplace bullies were more likely to tease colleagues they found unattractive. This might bring back flashbacks for some.

Ugly people may have lower self-esteem

Self-esteem is defined as how confident you are in your own abilities. Or how comfortable you are in your own skin. Ugliness will attract a lot of negative reinforcement from those around you. It’s difficult to constantly hang around people who may view you as beneath them, based only on appearance.

Esteem should come from within. If you based your confidence on compliments, any criticism will ruin it. But some are not as strong as others mentally and the negative comments may get to them.

Being ugly makes dating more difficult

Duh, I know right? This is probably the most obvious one. Everyone knows that the biggest drawback to ugliness is trying to find a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Ugliness as a man can be particularly difficult as even unattractive women have some options. Whether they are pleased with those options is another issue entirely.

Ugly people get ghosted more, left on reading, and rarely seen as a legitimate dating option.

Being ugly makes you feel completely invisible

Invisibility is a superpower dream come true for some. But for unattractive people, this is a silent nightmare. Picked last in school, avoided or teased in the classroom or workplace.

Never approached for an intimate relationship, and the list goes on. All these small interactions can add up to feeling like you don’t exist, or don’t belong.

Being ugly can cause people to avoid you, and at worst if they do acknowledge you, it can be very negative.

Society throws ugly people aside

Society pressures all of us to be as attractive as possible. Who gets to be the movie stars? Pretty people. Who is in every advertisement? Pretty people. Who becomes the top news reporter? Pretty people.

Of course, there is talent and hard work involved. But there are also less attractive people who are extremely talented. They get looked over for these positions all the time.

Corporations know how powerful the halo effect is. When we see advertisements with happy beautiful people, we subconsciously apply those same emotions to what they are promoting.

It’s human nature to be attracted to aesthetically pleasing things. And repulsed by the opposite. Ugly people know this all too well.

“A face only a mother could love” becomes literal

This statement is usually used as an insult to those who have facial deformities. Even if you are not deformed, it might feel like you have a face only a mother could love when you are not receiving any romantic interest.

As an ugly person, what conclusion would you come to? Looks are said to be subjective (not really). Take a picture of a 3 out of 10 and a picture of an 8 out of 10. Everyone will know who the 8 is instant.

Even children are judgmental when it comes to looks. A study published in Frontiers in Psychology found that children perceive trustworthiness based on how attractive a person is.

You start to feel like you are cursed.

Ugliness can feel like a boulder on your back that is impossible to remove. It can feel like living in a prison with no doors to escape, and one window where all you see is beautiful people having successful lives. You begin to feel cursed in a way.

Life is very competitive. Being ugly means, you have to work much harder than others to even be taken seriously and not looked over. You have to work harder to get dates, and promotions, make friends and compete in life.

How to STOP being ugly

The way to stop being ugly is through Looksmaxing. Looksmaxing is a movement geared towards taking extreme action to improve your appearance. Not just going to the gym here and there. No, putting a plan together, structuring your diet, and tracking daily progress.

Looks maxing involves 2 daily skin routines, analyzing your own features, and whitening your teeth. Improving your jawline, changing your entire wardrobe, testing different hairstyles, etc.

It takes a lot of effort, but it works. You may have lost the genetic lottery, but there is nothing stopping you from building a fortune through effort. Many men and women started Looks maxing themselves out of a bad spot and improving their lives massively. You can stop being ugly and do the exact same.

Final Thoughts

It’s difficult being a person born with unfavorable genetics. But staying unattractive is a choice. You can 100% improve almost all your flaws if you are willing to put the work into it. is a resource that exists to help you accomplish just that. Start your journey now.

Want to Improve Your Looks And Body?

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