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When was the last time you received a text asking “How do you feel about me?”

The last time I received a text asking “How do you feel about me?” was about a month ago. It came as a surprise because the person who sent it and I had been casually dating for only a few weeks. We hadn’t had any deep conversations about our feelings yet, so receiving this text felt a bit premature.

I initially reacted to the text with a mix of curiosity and anxiety. On one hand, I was curious to know why they were asking and what their intentions were. On the other hand, I felt anxious because I wasn’t sure how to respond. It felt like a loaded question that required careful consideration before answering.

How did you initially react to receiving a text asking about your feelings towards someone?

When I first read the text asking about my feelings towards someone, my immediate reaction was surprise. The question caught me off guard because we hadn’t discussed our emotions in depth before. I wasn’t expecting such a direct inquiry, especially through a text message.

After the initial surprise wore off, I started to feel a mix of emotions. There was some excitement because it indicated that the person was interested in taking our relationship to a deeper level. However, there was also some apprehension because expressing my true feelings could potentially lead to vulnerability and uncertainty.

Have you ever received a similar text before, or is this the first time someone has asked you about their feelings?

This is not the first time someone has asked me about my feelings through text message. In fact, it seems to be quite common in modern dating culture for people to use technology as an avenue for discussing emotions and relationship status.

I have received similar texts in past relationships where the person wanted to gauge how I felt about them. These messages often came during pivotal moments in the relationship, such as after a few months of dating or after a significant event. It seems that people use these texts as a way to seek reassurance and validation in their romantic connections.

How important is it for you to express your true feelings when responding to a text like this?

Expressing my true feelings when responding to a text like this is very important to me. I believe that honesty and open communication are crucial in any relationship, especially when discussing emotions and personal connections.

By expressing my true feelings, I am allowing myself to be vulnerable and authentic with the other person. It creates an opportunity for deeper understanding and connection between us. Additionally, it sets the foundation for trust and mutual respect within the relationship.

What factors would influence your response to a text asking about your feelings towards someone?

Several factors would influence my response to a text asking about my feelings towards someone:

Past Experiences:

  • If I have had positive experiences with expressing my emotions in previous relationships, I may feel more comfortable doing so again.
  • If past experiences have resulted in negative outcomes or rejection, I might be more hesitant and guarded in my response.

The Current State of the Relationship:

  • If the relationship is still new and we haven’t had many deep conversations yet, I might need more time before sharing my true feelings.
  • If we have already established a strong emotional connection and have been open about our emotions before, I might feel more inclined to share my feelings freely.

Personal Comfort Level:

  • If I am generally comfortable with expressing my emotions and being vulnerable, I might find it easier to respond honestly.
  • If I tend to be more reserved or cautious about sharing my feelings, I might need more time and space to process before responding.

Are there any specific emotions or thoughts that come to mind when reading a message like “How do you feel about me?”

When reading a message like “How do you feel about me?”, a range of emotions and thoughts can arise. Some possible emotions may include curiosity, anticipation, anxiety, vulnerability, and even fear. The recipient might wonder what the sender’s intentions are behind asking such a question. They might also question their own feelings and whether they are ready to articulate them. Thoughts that could come to mind may revolve around the potential consequences of answering honestly or how the response might impact the relationship.


One emotion that often arises is curiosity. The recipient may be curious about why the sender is asking this question at this particular moment. They might wonder if something specific prompted this inquiry or if it is just a general question.


Another common emotion that can arise is anxiety. The recipient might feel anxious because they are unsure of how to respond or worried about how their answer will be received by the sender. They may also fear potential rejection or judgment based on their response.

List of Possible Thoughts:

– What does the sender want to hear from me?
– Am I ready to share my true feelings?
– How will my response affect our relationship?
– Is there a specific reason why they are asking now?
– Will my answer align with their expectations?

Overall, receiving a message like “How do you feel about me?” can evoke various emotions and thoughts, highlighting the complexity and importance of open communication in relationships.

Have you ever been unsure of how to respond to such a question, and if so, what made it difficult for you?

Yes, there have been instances where I have been unsure of how to respond to a question like “How do you feel about me?” Several factors can make it difficult to provide a clear and confident response.

Uncertainty about My Own Feelings:

One reason for the difficulty in responding is uncertainty about my own feelings. Sometimes, I may not have fully processed or understood my emotions towards the person asking the question. This lack of clarity can make it challenging to articulate an accurate and honest response.

Fear of Rejection or Misinterpretation:

Another factor that can contribute to the difficulty in responding is the fear of rejection or misinterpretation. I might worry that expressing certain emotions could lead to a negative outcome, such as the other person distancing themselves or misunderstanding my intentions. This fear can create hesitation and reluctance in providing an open and vulnerable response.

List of Factors Contributing to Difficulty:

– Uncertainty about my own feelings
– Fear of rejection or misinterpretation
– Concerns about potential consequences
– Lack of confidence in expressing emotions
– Previous experiences impacting trust

Navigating how to respond to such a question requires introspection, self-awareness, and consideration of the dynamics within the relationship.

Do you think the timing of receiving a text like this affects how comfortable or open you are in sharing your feelings?

The timing of receiving a text like “How do you feel about me?” can significantly impact one’s comfort level and openness in sharing their feelings. Different situations and contexts can influence how receptive someone is to discussing their emotions.

Vulnerability Based on Timing:

If someone receives this message during a time when they are feeling emotionally vulnerable or going through personal challenges, they may be less inclined to share their feelings openly. They might prefer more time for self-reflection before engaging in such conversations.

Availability for Discussion:

Additionally, if someone receives this text while being occupied with other responsibilities or commitments, they may feel less comfortable and open to discussing their feelings. The timing might not allow for a focused and meaningful conversation, leading to a more guarded response.

List of Factors Influencing Comfort and Openness:

– Emotional vulnerability at the time
– Availability for in-depth discussion
– Personal circumstances affecting receptiveness
– Trust and comfort level within the relationship

Considering the timing when asking such a question is crucial for creating an environment where individuals feel safe and supported in sharing their emotions.

Has anyone’s response to your own inquiry about their feelings surprised or affected you in any way?

Yes, there have been instances where someone’s response to my inquiry about their feelings has surprised or affected me. People’s responses can vary greatly, leading to unexpected outcomes that impact both the individual asking the question and the dynamics of the relationship.

Positive Surprises:

In some cases, someone’s response may pleasantly surprise me by being more open, vulnerable, or positive than anticipated. This can deepen the connection between us and foster a greater sense of trust and understanding.

Negative Impact on Relationship:

On the other hand, certain responses may have a negative effect on the relationship. If someone responds dismissively or avoids addressing their feelings altogether, it can create distance and hinder effective communication. Such reactions might make me question the level of emotional investment or compatibility within the relationship.

List of Possible Effects:

– Strengthening trust and understanding
– Deepening emotional connection
– Creating distance or misunderstanding
– Raising doubts about compatibility

The responses received when inquiring about someone’s feelings can significantly influence how individuals perceive each other and shape the course of their relationship.

In what ways do you think receiving and responding to texts like these can impact relationships, both positively and negatively?

Receiving and responding to texts like “How do you feel about me?” can have both positive and negative impacts on relationships. The way individuals navigate these conversations can shape the level of emotional connection, trust, and understanding within the relationship.

Positive Impacts:

Engaging in open and honest discussions about feelings can deepen emotional intimacy, strengthen trust, and foster a greater sense of security within the relationship. It allows individuals to express their needs, desires, and concerns, leading to better alignment and mutual understanding.

Negative Impacts:

However, if these conversations are approached with defensiveness or lack of empathy, they can lead to misunderstandings, conflict, or even damage the relationship. Poor communication or an unwillingness to listen and validate each other’s emotions may create barriers that hinder growth and connection.

List of Potential Impacts:

– Deepening emotional intimacy
– Strengthening trust and security
– Enhancing mutual understanding
– Creating misunderstandings or conflict
– Damaging the relationship through poor communication

It is crucial for both parties involved to approach these discussions with openness, empathy, and a willingness to actively listen in order to maximize the positive impact on their relationship.

In conclusion, the “how do you feel about me” text can be a valuable tool for open communication and understanding in relationships. However, it is important to remember that face-to-face conversations are crucial for truly connecting with one another and gauging emotions accurately.

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