How to Cut Men’s Hair: A Step by Step Guide for Professional Results (2023)

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how to cut mens hair

Basic Tools Needed to Cut Men’s Hair

To cut men’s hair at home, you will need a few basic tools. These include:

  • Clippers: A good pair of clippers is essential for cutting men’s hair. Look for clippers that come with different guard sizes so you can achieve different lengths.
  • Scissors: While clippers are great for cutting the bulk of the hair, scissors are necessary for more precise cutting, especially around the edges and for texturizing.
  • Comb: A wide-toothed comb is useful for sectioning and parting the hair, as well as detangling any knots or tangles.
  • Cape or Towel: To protect clothing from hair clippings, it’s important to use a cape or towel to drape over the person getting their haircut.
  • Mirror: Having a mirror (or two) is crucial to see the back of the head and ensure an even haircut.
  • Hair Products: Depending on the desired style, you may need styling products such as gel, pomade, or wax to help achieve and maintain the look.

Additional tools that can be helpful but are not essential include:

  • Thinning Shears: Thinning shears are used to remove bulk from thick hair or create texture in certain hairstyles.
  • Razor: A straight razor or disposable razor can be used for creating sharp lines and cleaning up around the edges.
  • Clipper Guards: If your clippers don’t come with a variety of guards, you may want to invest in additional guards to achieve different lengths.

Tips for choosing the right tools:

  • Invest in high-quality clippers and scissors to ensure a clean and precise cut.
  • Consider the person’s hair type and desired style when selecting clipper guards and other tools.
  • Read reviews and do research before purchasing any tools to ensure they are reliable and durable.

Determining the Ideal Length and Style for a Man’s Haircut

Factors to Consider

Determining the ideal length and style for a man’s haircut involves considering several factors. Firstly, the shape of the face plays a crucial role in determining which hairstyle will be most flattering. For example, men with round faces may benefit from hairstyles that add height and volume on top to elongate their face shape. On the other hand, men with square faces can opt for styles that soften their angular features. Additionally, hair texture should also be taken into account. Curly hair may require different cutting techniques compared to straight hair.

Consultation with a Professional Stylist

To determine the ideal length and style for a man’s haircut, it is highly recommended to consult with a professional stylist. They have the expertise to assess your facial features, hair type, and lifestyle to suggest suitable options. During the consultation, they may ask questions about your grooming routine, personal style preferences, and any specific concerns you have regarding your hair. By working together with a stylist, you can find a haircut that not only enhances your appearance but also suits your lifestyle.


– Bring reference photos: To ensure clear communication with your stylist, bring along reference photos of hairstyles you like or admire.
– Be open-minded: While it’s good to have an idea of what you want, be open to suggestions from your stylist as they may recommend something that suits you even better.
– Communicate honestly: Clearly express any concerns or limitations you have regarding styling or maintenance so that your stylist can provide appropriate recommendations.

Popular Men’s Hairstyles that Can be Achieved at Home


Properly Sectioning and Parting the Hair Before Cutting


Common Techniques for Cutting Men’s Hair, such as Layering or Texturizing


Considerations for Different Hair Types, like Curly or Thinning Hair


Ensuring an Even and Symmetrical Haircut when Working on Men’s Hair


Blending and Fading the Sides and Back of a Man’s Haircut


Tips for Trimming Facial Hair, like Beards or Mustaches, During a Haircut


Maintaining Your Haircut at Home Between Salon Visits


In conclusion, learning how to cut men’s hair can be a valuable skill that saves time and money. With the right tools, techniques, and practice, anyone can achieve professional-looking results at home.

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