How to Fold Clothes Military Style in 2023: Perfectly Organized Wardrobes

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how to fold clothes military style

1. The Basic Steps Involved in Folding Clothes Military Style

Folding clothes military style involves a specific set of steps to create neat, compact folds that are easy to stack and store. The basic steps for folding clothes military style are as follows:

  1. Start with a flat surface: Find a clean, flat surface such as a table or bed where you can lay out the garment you want to fold.
  2. Smooth out wrinkles: Before folding, make sure the garment is free from wrinkles by smoothing it out with your hands or using an iron if necessary.
  3. Fold in half lengthwise: Fold the garment in half lengthwise, bringing one side over to meet the other side. This will create a long rectangle shape.
  4. Fold sleeves or pant legs: If the garment has sleeves or pant legs, fold them in towards the center of the rectangle so they are parallel with the main fold.
  5. Create a square shape: Fold the bottom of the garment up towards the top, creating a square shape with all edges aligned.
  6. Continue folding: Depending on the size and type of garment, you may need to continue folding in thirds or quarters until you have a compact bundle.

Benefits of Folding Clothes Military Style

The military-style folding technique offers several benefits for organizing and storing clothing:

  • Space-saving: By folding clothes military style, you can maximize storage space in drawers, closets, or luggage. The compact folds allow for efficient stacking and organization.
  • Easier identification: When clothes are folded uniformly using this technique, it becomes easier to identify specific items at a glance. This can save time when searching for a particular garment.
  • Reduced wrinkles: The precise folding method helps minimize wrinkles and creases in clothing. This is especially useful for travel or when storing clothes for an extended period.
  • Neat appearance: Military-style folds create a neat and uniform appearance, making your wardrobe look organized and professional.

Tips for Efficient Folding

To make the process of folding clothes military style more efficient, consider the following tips:

  • Sort clothes by type: Group similar items together before folding to streamline the process. For example, fold all t-shirts at once, then move on to pants or sweaters.
  • Use a folding board or template: A folding board or template can help you achieve consistent folds every time. These tools provide a guide for folding garments to the correct size and shape.
  • Practice proper technique: Take the time to learn and practice the correct folding technique. With practice, you’ll become faster and more efficient at creating military-style folds.
  • Keep a clean workspace: Maintain a clean and clutter-free area for folding clothes. This will make it easier to see and handle each garment as you fold.

2. The Origin of the Practice of Folding Clothes Military Style

Origins in Military Culture

The practice of folding clothes military style has its origins in military culture, where efficiency and uniformity are highly valued. Soldiers are required to maintain a neat and organized appearance at all times, including their clothing. Folding clothes in a precise and uniform manner not only saves space but also ensures that each item is easily accessible when needed. This practice has been passed down through generations of military personnel, becoming an integral part of their training and daily routines.

Influence on Civilian Life

Over time, the military-style folding technique has made its way into civilian life as well. Many people have adopted this method as a way to maximize storage space, keep their closets tidy, and easily locate specific items of clothing. The precision and efficiency of military-style folding can also help prevent wrinkles and creases, allowing clothes to maintain their shape for longer periods.


– Saves space: By folding clothes in a compact manner, more items can fit into drawers or shelves.
– Easy accessibility: Each item is neatly folded and visible, making it easier to find specific pieces of clothing.
– Maintains garment shape: The precise folds help prevent wrinkles and creases, keeping clothes looking fresh.


– Time-consuming: Folding clothes military style can be more time-consuming compared to other methods.
– Requires practice: Achieving the desired level of precision may take some practice for those unfamiliar with the technique.
– Not suitable for all garments: While this folding method works well for most everyday clothing items, certain delicate fabrics or bulky garments may not fold as neatly using this technique.

Overall, the origin of the practice can be traced back to military culture’s emphasis on organization and efficiency. Its adoption by civilians has brought numerous benefits in terms of space-saving, accessibility, and garment maintenance. However, it’s important to consider the time investment and suitability for different types of clothing when deciding whether to utilize this folding technique.

3. Techniques and Tools for Folding Clothes in a Military Style

Folding Techniques

To fold clothes in a military style, several key techniques are commonly used. These include:
1. Square Fold: Lay the garment flat and fold it into a square shape by bringing the sides towards the center and then folding it in half.
2. Sleeve Tuck: After folding the garment into a square, tuck the sleeves inward to create a more compact shape.
3. Roll Fold: Instead of folding garments into squares, roll them tightly from one end to the other.

Tools for Efficiency

While no specific tools are required for military-style folding, certain items can enhance efficiency and precision:
– Folding Board: A folding board provides a consistent size guide for creating perfectly uniform folds.
– Hangers with Clips: Using hangers with clips allows you to hang folded garments without losing their military-style shape.
– Drawer Dividers: Dividers help separate different types of folded clothing within drawers, maintaining organization.

Using these techniques and tools can streamline the process of folding clothes in a military style, ensuring consistent results and maximizing space utilization.

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4. Step-by-Step Guide: Folding a T-Shirt Military Style


In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of folding a t-shirt military style. This technique is not only efficient but also helps in organizing your clothing neatly. By following these instructions, you can achieve a perfectly folded t-shirt that takes up minimal space in your drawer or suitcase.

Materials Needed:

– A clean and flat surface
– A t-shirt

1. Lay the t-shirt flat on the surface with the front facing down.
2. Smooth out any wrinkles or creases to ensure a neat fold.
3. Fold the left side of the t-shirt towards the center, aligning the sleeve with the middle of the shirt.
4. Repeat step 3 for the right side of the t-shirt, overlapping it slightly with the left side.
5. Fold the bottom of the t-shirt up towards the neckline, creating a straight line across.
6. Fold this bottom section again, bringing it up to about one-third of the way from the top.
7. Finally, fold down the top part of the shirt to cover and secure all previous folds.

By following these steps, you can efficiently fold your t-shirts military style and save space in your drawers or luggage.

5. Recommended Order for Folding Different Types of Clothing in a Military Style


When it comes to folding different types of clothing military style, it is helpful to follow a specific order to ensure efficiency and consistency in your organization method. Here is a recommended order for folding various garments:


1. T-shirts: Start with folding t-shirts as they are relatively easy and provide a good foundation for other items.
2. Tops and blouses: Move on to folding tops and blouses, ensuring to smooth out any wrinkles before folding.
3. Pants and jeans: Fold pants and jeans next, paying attention to aligning the seams and creating crisp folds.
4. Shorts and skirts: Fold shorts and skirts in a similar manner as pants, making sure to create straight lines.
5. Dresses: For dresses, fold them in half lengthwise before proceeding with the military-style folding technique.
6. Undergarments: Lastly, fold undergarments such as underwear and socks using smaller folds for efficient storage.

By following this order, you can streamline your folding process and maintain a consistent military-style organization system for your clothing.

(Note: The order may vary based on personal preference or specific garment types.)

6. Tips and Tricks to Maintain Shape and Neatness when Folding Clothes Military Style


Folding clothes military style not only helps save space but also ensures that your garments maintain their shape and neatness. Here are some tips and tricks to achieve optimal results:


– Start with clean clothes: Ensure that the clothes you are folding are clean and free from any stains or odors.
– Smooth out wrinkles: Before folding, take a moment to smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the fabric for a neater appearance.
– Use a flat surface: Find a clean, flat surface such as a table or countertop to provide stability while folding.
– Align seams and edges: Pay attention to aligning seams and edges of the clothing item to create straight lines during folding.
– Practice proper technique: Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned earlier for each garment type to ensure consistency in your folds.
– Store folded clothes vertically: When storing folded clothes, opt for vertical stacking rather than horizontal piles to maximize space utilization.

By implementing these tips, you can maintain the shape and neatness of your clothes while utilizing the military-style folding technique.

7. How Does Military-Style Folding Differ from Traditional Laundry Methods?

Why is military-style folding unique?

Military-style folding differs from traditional laundry methods in its precision and efficiency. While traditional laundry methods may involve simply folding clothes in half or thirds, military-style folding requires a specific technique that ensures garments are neatly folded into compact shapes. This method is often used by the military to maximize storage space and maintain uniformity.

The importance of uniformity

In the military, uniformity is crucial for maintaining a professional appearance and efficient organization. Military-style folding ensures that clothing items are folded consistently, making it easier to stack and store them neatly. This level of uniformity also allows for quick identification of specific garments when needed.

Space-saving benefits

One of the key differences between military-style folding and traditional laundry methods is the emphasis on space-saving. Military personnel often have limited storage space, whether it’s in barracks or during deployments. By using the military-style folding technique, clothes can be folded into smaller, compact shapes, allowing for more efficient use of available storage space.

8. Benefits of Using the Military-Style Folding Technique for Everyday Clothing Organization

Using the military-style folding technique for everyday clothing organization offers several advantages:

Efficient use of drawer or closet space

By employing this method, you can maximize your storage capacity. The compact folds allow you to fit more items into a given space compared to traditional folding methods.

Easier identification and access

When clothes are neatly folded using the military-style technique, it becomes much easier to identify specific items at a glance. This saves time when searching for a particular garment and helps maintain an organized wardrobe.

Reduced wrinkles

The precise folds created through military-style folding help minimize wrinkles in clothing. This is particularly beneficial for delicate fabrics or items that wrinkle easily, as it allows you to maintain a polished appearance without the need for excessive ironing.

9. Resources and Videos Demonstrating Effective Military-Style Clothes Folding

Online tutorials and guides

There are numerous online resources available that provide step-by-step instructions on military-style clothes folding techniques. Websites such as YouTube, Pinterest, and WikiHow offer video tutorials, infographics, and written guides to help you master this method.

Military training manuals

Military training manuals often include sections on clothing maintenance and organization, which may cover military-style folding techniques. These manuals can be found online or in libraries and provide detailed instructions along with illustrations.

Demonstrations by military personnel

Some military personnel or veterans share their knowledge of military-style folding through personal blogs or social media platforms. These firsthand accounts can provide valuable insights and tips based on their own experiences.

10. Special Considerations for Folding Specific Garments or Materials in a Military Style

Folding dress shirts

When folding dress shirts using the military-style technique, it’s important to pay attention to collar alignment and ensure that the shirt is folded neatly without any creases. Placing tissue paper between folds can help prevent wrinkles.

Folding pants or trousers

To fold pants or trousers in a military style, start by aligning the legs together and then fold them lengthwise once or twice depending on the desired size. This method helps maintain a clean look while minimizing space requirements.

Folding delicate fabrics

When dealing with delicate fabrics like silk or chiffon, extra care must be taken during the folding process to avoid damage. Using tissue paper between folds can provide an additional layer of protection and prevent snagging or tearing.

Folding bulky items

For bulkier items such as sweaters or jackets, it may be necessary to adjust the folding technique slightly to accommodate their size. Rolling these items instead of folding them can help save space while maintaining organization.

In conclusion, learning how to fold clothes military style can be a practical and efficient way to organize your wardrobe. By following the step-by-step instructions provided, you can achieve neatly folded garments that save space and maintain a professional appearance.

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