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how to get messy hair look guys

Popular Hairstyles for Achieving a Messy Look for Guys

When it comes to achieving a messy hairstyle, there are several popular options for guys to consider. One popular choice is the textured crop haircut. This style features short, textured hair on top that can be styled in a messy manner using products and techniques. Another option is the messy undercut, which combines longer hair on top with shaved or shorter sides. This creates a contrast that allows for easy styling into a tousled, messy look.

Haircuts like the shaggy mop or the bedhead hairstyle are also great choices for achieving a messy look. These styles typically involve longer hair with layers that add movement and texture. By using your fingers or a comb to tousle the hair and adding some product for hold, you can create a natural-looking messy hairstyle.

Popular hairstyles for achieving a messy look:

  • Textured crop
  • Messy undercut
  • Shaggy mop
  • Bedhead hairstyle


  • Consult with your hairstylist to find the best haircut that suits your face shape and hair type.
  • Experiment with different lengths and layers to achieve the desired amount of messiness.
  • Consider using styling products such as pomade, wax, or sea salt spray to enhance and hold the messy style in place.

Creating Natural-Looking Texture for a Messy Hairstyle

Using Salt Spray for Effortless Texture

One of the easiest ways to create natural-looking texture for a messy hairstyle is by using salt spray. Salt spray helps to add volume and enhance the natural waves or curls in your hair. Simply spritz the salt spray onto damp hair, scrunch it with your hands, and let it air dry or use a diffuser on low heat. The salt in the spray adds grip to your hair, giving it that tousled, beachy look.


  • Start with a small amount of salt spray and gradually add more if needed.
  • Avoid applying salt spray directly to the roots to prevent them from becoming too weighed down.
  • If you have straight hair, twist small sections of your hair while applying the salt spray to create more texture.

Using Texturizing Powder for Instant Volume

If you want to amp up the volume in your messy hairstyle, texturizing powder is your best friend. This magical product adds instant lift and texture to even the finest of hair. Simply sprinkle a small amount of texturizing powder onto your roots and gently massage it into your scalp. The powder absorbs excess oil and gives your hair that coveted lived-in look.


  • A little goes a long way with texturizing powder, so start with a small amount and build up as needed.
  • Focusing on the crown area will give you maximum volume.
  • To distribute the powder evenly, use a comb or your fingers to lightly tease your hair at the roots.

Using a Curling Wand for Effortless Waves

If you have straight hair and want to achieve messy waves, a curling wand can be your secret weapon. Wrap small sections of your hair around the wand, leaving the ends out for a more undone look. Hold each section for a few seconds before releasing it. Once all the sections are curled, run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls and create that effortless, messy texture.


  • Choose a curling wand with a larger barrel size for looser waves.
  • Alternate the direction of the curls to make them look more natural.
  • Apply a light-hold hairspray after styling to help the waves hold their shape throughout the day.

Products and Techniques to Achieve the Messy Hair Look

To achieve the messy hair look, there are several products and techniques that can help you create the perfect undone hairstyle. One popular product is a texturizing spray or sea salt spray. These sprays add texture and volume to your hair, giving it that effortless, tousled look. Simply spritz the product onto damp or dry hair and scrunch it with your hands to create messy waves.

Another technique for achieving the messy hair look is using a curling wand or iron to create loose, beachy waves. Start by sectioning your hair and wrapping small sections around the wand, holding for a few seconds before releasing. Once all sections are curled, use your fingers to gently tousle and separate the waves for a more undone appearance.

Recommended Products:

  • Texturizing spray or sea salt spray
  • Curling wand or iron
  • Hair mousse for added volume
  • Dry shampoo for creating texture and absorbing excess oil

Messy Hairstyles for Naturally Curly or Wavy Hair

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you’re in luck when it comes to achieving the messy hair look. Embrace your natural texture by enhancing your curls or waves with styling products specifically designed for curly hair.

A great way to enhance your natural curls is by using a curl-defining cream or gel. Apply a small amount of product to damp hair, then scrunch your curls upwards towards your scalp. Allow your hair to air dry or use a diffuser attachment on low heat to speed up the drying process while maintaining definition.

Tips for Styling Naturally Curly or Wavy Hair:

  • Avoid brushing your curls, as this can cause frizz. Instead, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to detangle and style.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner to keep your curls hydrated and prevent them from becoming dry or brittle.
  • Consider getting regular trims to remove any split ends and keep your curls looking healthy and bouncy.

Tips for Adding Volume and Texture to Thin or Fine Hair

If you have thin or fine hair, achieving a messy hairstyle with volume and texture may seem challenging. However, with the right techniques and products, you can create the illusion of fuller, more textured hair.

One technique for adding volume to thin or fine hair is backcombing or teasing. Take small sections of hair near the crown of your head and gently tease them towards the roots using a fine-toothed comb. This will create lift and volume at the roots, making your hair appear thicker.

Recommended Products for Thin or Fine Hair:

  • Volumizing mousse or spray
  • Dry shampoo for added texture and volume
  • Hair powders for extra lift at the roots
  • Hairspray to hold the volume in place

Haircut Styles that Complement the Messy Hair Look for Guys

The messy hair look is popular among guys who want a laid-back, effortlessly cool hairstyle. There are several haircut styles that complement this look perfectly.

A classic haircut style that works well with messy hair is the textured crop. This haircut features short sides and back with slightly longer length on top. The longer hair on top can be styled in a messy, tousled manner using the aforementioned products and techniques.

Recommended Haircut Styles:

  • Textured crop
  • Disconnected undercut
  • Messy quiff
  • Longer layers with a shaggy finish

Maintaining the Messy Hairstyle: How Often to Wash Your Hair

When it comes to maintaining the messy hairstyle, finding the right balance of washing your hair is crucial. Washing your hair too frequently can strip away natural oils and make it harder to achieve that undone look.

A general rule of thumb for maintaining a messy hairstyle is to wash your hair every 2-3 days. This allows enough time for natural oils to distribute throughout your hair, giving it texture and hold. On non-wash days, you can use dry shampoo or texturizing spray to refresh your hair and absorb any excess oil.

Step-by-Step Tutorials for Creating a Messy Hair Look for Guys

If you’re looking for step-by-step tutorials on how to create a messy hair look for guys, there are plenty of resources available online. These tutorials provide detailed instructions and visuals to help you achieve the desired style.

To start, begin by washing and towel-drying your hair. Apply a small amount of texturizing spray or mousse to add volume and texture. Use a blow dryer on low heat while scrunching your hair with your fingers to enhance natural waves or create loose curls.

Tutorial Steps:

  1. Wash and towel-dry your hair.
  2. Apply texturizing spray or mousse.
  3. Blow dry on low heat while scrunching your hair.
  4. Use a curling wand to create loose waves if desired.
  5. Finish with a small amount of hairspray for hold.

Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Achieve the Messy Hair Look

While trying to achieve the messy hair look, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid in order to achieve the desired style.

One mistake is using too much product. While products like texturizing sprays and mousses can add volume and texture, using too much can make your hair appear greasy or weighed down. Start with a small amount and gradually add more if needed.

Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Using too much product, which can make your hair appear greasy or heavy
  • Over-brushing your hair, which can remove the natural texture and create frizz
  • Skipping regular trims, as split ends can make your hair look unkempt rather than intentionally messy

Enhancing a Messy Hairstyle with Accessories: Hats, Headbands, and More

To enhance your messy hairstyle even further, consider incorporating accessories such as hats or headbands into your look. These accessories not only add style but also help keep your hair in place throughout the day.

A popular accessory for guys with messy hairstyles is a beanie hat. This casual and laid-back accessory adds an extra touch of coolness to your overall look while keeping your hair contained. Alternatively, headbands can be used to push back any stray hairs while adding a trendy element to your hairstyle.

Recommended Accessories:

  • Beanie hats
  • Headbands
  • Hair clips or bobby pins for securing loose strands
  • Bandanas for a retro-inspired look

In conclusion, achieving a messy hair look for guys can be easily accomplished by following simple techniques and using the right products. With a few styling tricks and a touch of confidence, anyone can effortlessly rock this trendy and fashionable hairstyle.

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