How to Tie Sneakers to Hide Laces: Master the Art of Sneaker Styling in 2023

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how to tie sneakers to hide laces

1. Creative Ways to Tie Sneakers and Hide the Laces

1.1 Lace Swapping

Lace swapping is a fun and creative way to hide your sneaker laces while adding a unique touch to your shoes. This technique involves replacing the original laces with different colored or patterned laces that match your personal style. You can choose from a variety of materials such as nylon, cotton, or even leather laces to achieve the desired look.

To lace swap, start by removing the original laces from your sneakers. Then, thread the new laces through the eyelets in an alternate pattern or create a custom design. This will not only conceal the laces but also give your sneakers a fresh and personalized look.

1.2 Tuck Under Technique

The tuck under technique is a simple yet effective way to hide sneaker laces without any additional accessories or modifications. To use this method, start by tying your sneakers as you normally would. Once tied, instead of leaving the loops hanging loose, tuck them underneath the horizontal section of the lacing near the tongue of the shoe.

This technique creates a clean and streamlined appearance by keeping the laces hidden and securely tucked away. It is particularly useful for activities where loose laces could become tangled or caught on objects, such as running or playing sports.

1.3 Elastic Lace Systems

Elastic lace systems offer a convenient and hassle-free way to hide sneaker laces while ensuring a snug fit. These systems consist of elastic cords with adjustable locks that replace traditional shoelaces.

To use an elastic lace system, simply thread the elastic cords through the eyelets of your sneakers like regular shoelaces. Once threaded, adjust the tension to your desired fit and secure the cords with the locking mechanism. The elastic material allows for easy slip-on and off functionality without the need to tie or untie laces.

Elastic lace systems are popular among athletes and individuals who prefer a quick and efficient way to put on and take off their sneakers. They also eliminate the hassle of constantly retying shoelaces, making them ideal for people with limited dexterity or mobility.

2. Step-by-Step Instructions for Tying Sneakers to Conceal the Laces

Step 1: Loosen the Laces

To begin tying your sneakers in a way that conceals the laces, start by loosening them. This will provide you with more flexibility when it comes to hiding them later on. Make sure not to completely remove the laces, as you will still need them to secure your sneakers.

Step 2: Cross and Loop

Take one lace and cross it over the other lace, forming an “X” shape. Then, take the end of each lace and loop it under and through the opposite side of the “X”. Pull both ends tightly to create a secure knot.

Step 3: Repeat and Secure

Repeat step 2 with the remaining length of laces, creating another knot. Ensure that both knots are tight enough to keep your sneakers securely fastened throughout wear.

3. Best Techniques and Knots for Hiding Sneaker Laces

Hiding sneaker laces can be achieved through various techniques and knots that provide a clean and seamless look. Here are some of the best methods:

a) The Underneath Knot:

  • Tie a regular knot at the top of your sneakers.
  • Tuck both loose ends underneath the tongue of your sneakers.
  • Pull down on the tongue to ensure that it covers the hidden laces completely.

b) The Lace Swap:

  • Remove your existing shoelaces from your sneakers.
  • Purchase flat elastic bands or stretchy shoelaces in a color that matches your sneakers.
  • Thread the elastic bands or stretchy shoelaces through the eyelets of your sneakers, creating a hidden and secure closure.

c) The Double Knot:

  • Tie a regular knot at the top of your sneakers.
  • Create a second knot using the loose ends, making sure it is tight and secure.
  • Tuck both knots underneath the tongue of your sneakers for a concealed look.

4. Ensuring Securely Tied Sneakers with Hidden Laces

Importance of Securely Tied Sneakers

When it comes to wearing sneakers, ensuring they are securely tied is essential for both comfort and safety. Loose laces can lead to tripping hazards and discomfort while walking or running. With hidden laces, it’s important to find a method that not only conceals the laces but also keeps them securely tied throughout the day.

Methods for Securing Hidden Laces

There are several methods you can try to ensure your hidden laces stay securely tied. One popular option is using double knots. After tying your sneakers with hidden laces, simply tie an additional knot on top of the initial knot. This will provide extra security and prevent the laces from coming undone easily.

Another effective method is using lace locks or toggles. These small devices can be attached to the ends of your hidden laces, allowing you to tighten them securely and prevent them from loosening throughout the day. Lace locks come in various designs and materials, providing both functionality and style.

  • Tie double knots on top of the initial knot for added security.
  • Use lace locks or toggles to tighten and secure hidden laces.
  • Experiment with different methods to find what works best for you.

5. Tips and Tricks for Neat and Tidy Hidden Sneaker Laces

Maintaining a Neat Appearance

Hidden sneaker laces not only provide a sleek look but also require some maintenance to keep them looking neat and tidy. Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve a polished appearance:

Trimming Excess Lace Length

One common issue with hidden laces is excess length that can create a bulky appearance. To avoid this, trim the excess lace length after tying your sneakers. Use sharp scissors to carefully cut the laces, leaving just enough length to tie a knot comfortably.

Using Lace Anchors

Lace anchors are small adhesive clips that can be attached to the inside of your sneakers. They help keep the laces in place and prevent them from shifting or coming undone. By using lace anchors strategically, you can achieve a neat and secure look for your hidden laces.

  • Trim excess lace length after tying for a sleek appearance.
  • Consider using lace anchors to keep hidden laces in place.
  • Regularly clean and maintain your sneakers to preserve their overall appearance.

6. Alternative Methods and Products for Concealing Sneaker Laces

Exploring Different Concealment Options

If you’re looking for alternative methods or products to conceal your sneaker laces, there are several options available:

Elastic Shoelaces

Elastic shoelaces are a popular choice for those who want hassle-free sneaker wear. These laces are made of stretchable material, allowing you to slip your feet into the sneakers without needing to tie them each time. Elastic shoelaces come in various colors and styles, providing both functionality and aesthetics.

No-Tie Shoelace Systems

No-tie shoelace systems offer convenience and ease of use. These systems typically consist of special locking mechanisms or bungee cords that replace traditional lacing methods. With no-tie shoelaces, you can easily slip your sneakers on and off without the need for tying or adjusting laces.

  • Consider using elastic shoelaces for a hassle-free sneaker experience.
  • Explore no-tie shoelace systems for convenience and ease of use.
  • Research and try out different alternative methods to find what suits your preferences best.

7. Comfortable and Functional Ways to Hide Sneaker Laces

7.1 Using Elastic Locks

Elastic locks are a popular and convenient way to hide sneaker laces while ensuring comfort and functionality. These locks, also known as lace locks or cord locks, are typically made of durable elastic material that securely holds the laces in place. To use elastic locks, simply thread the laces through the designated holes on the lock and adjust them to your desired tightness. This not only hides the laces but also prevents them from coming undone during activities.

7.2 Tucking Laces Inside the Shoe

If you prefer a more discreet method of hiding sneaker laces, tucking them inside the shoe can be an effective option. Start by loosening the laces and removing any excess length. Then, carefully fold the laces inward and tuck them under the tongue or inside the shoe’s upper. This technique works best with low-top sneakers or shoes with ample space inside for accommodating folded laces.


  • Elastic locks provide a secure hold without compromising comfort.
  • Tucking laces inside the shoe offers a discreet appearance.
  • Both methods prevent laces from getting tangled or caught on objects.

8. Suitable Types of Sneakers and Lace Materials for Hidden Laces

The suitability of different types of sneakers and lace materials for hiding sneaker laces depends on personal preferences and desired outcomes.

8.1 Slip-On Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are an excellent choice for hiding sneaker laces as they eliminate the need for tying altogether. These sneakers typically feature elasticized panels or stretchy materials that allow for easy on and off without the hassle of laces. Slip-on sneakers are particularly convenient for those who prefer a minimalist look and value convenience.

8.2 Flat Laces

When it comes to lace materials, flat laces are often preferred for hiding sneaker laces due to their sleek appearance and ease of manipulation. Flat laces lie flat against the shoe’s surface, making them easier to tuck inside or secure with elastic locks. Additionally, they tend to be less bulky compared to round laces, which can contribute to a cleaner and more streamlined look.


  • Not all sneakers are suitable for hiding laces, especially those with intricate lace-up designs.
  • Round laces may be more challenging to hide compared to flat laces.

9. Time Required to Tie Sneakers and Hide Laces Using Different Techniques

The time required to tie sneakers and hide laces using different techniques can vary depending on individual proficiency and familiarity with the methods employed.

9.1 Elastic Locks

Tying sneakers using elastic locks is generally quicker than traditional tying methods as there is no need for intricate knotting or looping. Once the locks are in place, adjusting the tightness of the laces becomes a simple task that takes only a few seconds. This makes elastic locks an efficient choice for those seeking a time-saving solution.

9.2 Tucking Laces Inside the Shoe

Tucking sneaker laces inside the shoe can take slightly longer compared to using elastic locks but is still relatively quick once you get the hang of it. The key is to ensure that the laces are neatly folded and tucked away to prevent discomfort or interference with foot movement. With practice, this technique can be mastered, allowing for a seamless and efficient lace-hiding process.

10. Safety Considerations and Potential Drawbacks of Hiding Sneaker Laces

10.1 Reduced Adjustability

One potential drawback of hiding sneaker laces is the reduced adjustability compared to traditional lacing methods. Elastic locks, while convenient, may not offer the same level of customization in terms of tightness as traditional tying methods. Similarly, tucking laces inside the shoe limits the ability to loosen or tighten them on the go. This can be a concern for individuals who require precise fit adjustments during physical activities.

10.2 Limited Breathability

Hiding sneaker laces may also affect the breathability of the shoes, especially when tucking them inside. The folded laces can create additional bulk inside the shoe’s upper, potentially reducing airflow and ventilation. This can lead to increased foot perspiration and discomfort, particularly in warmer climates or during intense physical activities.

Safety Considerations:

  • Ensure that elastic locks are securely fastened to prevent accidental loosening during movement.
  • Avoid excessively tight tucks when hiding laces inside the shoe to maintain proper blood circulation and comfort.
  • Regularly check for any signs of wear or damage to elastic locks or lace materials to ensure optimal safety and functionality.

Overall, while there are various comfortable and functional ways to hide sneaker laces, it is important to consider personal preferences, safety considerations, and potential drawbacks before deciding on a method that best suits your needs.

In conclusion, learning how to tie sneakers to hide laces is a simple and effective way to achieve a clean and stylish look while maintaining the functionality of your shoes.

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