How to Wear a Dress in Cold Weather: Expert Tips for Staying Fashionable and Warm in 2023

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how to wear a dress in cold weather

Practical Tips for Wearing a Dress in Cold Weather

Wearing a dress in cold weather can be a stylish and comfortable option if you know how to properly layer and accessorize. Here are some practical tips to help you stay warm while wearing a dress during colder temperatures:


Layering is key when it comes to staying warm in a dress during cold weather. Start with thermal or moisture-wicking base layers, such as long-sleeved tops or leggings, to provide an extra layer of insulation. Opt for thicker fabrics like wool or fleece for added warmth.

Add a sweater or cardigan on top of your base layers to trap heat and create additional warmth. Look for chunky knits or cable-knit sweaters that not only keep you cozy but also add texture and style to your outfit.

If needed, consider adding another layer with a vest or puffer jacket. These outerwear options provide extra insulation without compromising your style. Choose one that complements the color and style of your dress.


  • Scarves: Wrap a thick scarf around your neck for added warmth and style. Opt for wool or cashmere materials that are soft and cozy.
  • Hats: Keep your head warm by wearing a beanie or hat that covers your ears. Choose one that matches the color scheme of your outfit.
  • Gloves: Don’t forget about your hands! Invest in touchscreen-friendly gloves so you can stay connected while keeping warm.
  • Tights or leggings: Wear opaque tights or leggings underneath your dress to provide an extra layer of insulation for your legs.


  • Choose dresses with longer hemlines to provide more coverage and warmth.
  • Consider wearing thermal or wool socks to keep your feet warm in colder temperatures.
  • Experiment with different layering combinations to find what works best for you and your style.

Layering Your Dress to Stay Warm During Colder Temperatures

Why Layering is Important

Layering your dress is essential during colder temperatures as it helps trap heat and provides insulation. By adding multiple layers, you create pockets of air that act as a barrier against the cold. Additionally, layering allows you to adjust your clothing according to your comfort level throughout the day.

Tips for Effective Layering

  • Start with a lightweight, moisture-wicking base layer to keep you dry and prevent sweat from making you feel colder.
  • Add a thermal or fleece-lined layer over your base layer for extra warmth.
  • Consider adding a cardigan or sweater on top of your dress for added insulation.
  • Finish off with a coat or jacket that is both stylish and functional in protecting you from the elements.

Best Fabrics and Materials for Dresses in Cold Weather

Choosing the right fabrics and materials can make all the difference when it comes to staying warm in cold weather while wearing a dress. Opt for fabrics that provide insulation and retain heat:

  • Wool: Known for its excellent insulating properties, wool dresses are perfect for cold weather. Look for dresses made from merino wool, which is soft, breathable, and regulates body temperature.
  • Cashmere: Luxuriously soft and warm, cashmere dresses are ideal for chilly climates. They offer great insulation without being bulky.
  • Fleece: Fleece dresses are cozy and lightweight. They provide warmth without sacrificing comfort or style.
  • Thermal Knits: Dresses made from thermal knits are designed to trap heat and keep you warm. Look for dresses with a brushed interior for added insulation.

Outerwear Options to Pair with a Dress for Chilly Conditions

To stay warm in chilly conditions, it’s important to choose the right outerwear to complement your dress:

  • Trench Coat: A classic trench coat adds sophistication and warmth to any dress ensemble. Opt for one that is water-resistant and has a removable lining for versatility.
  • Puffer Jacket: Puffer jackets provide excellent insulation and are available in various lengths and styles. Choose one that complements the length and style of your dress.
  • Leather Jacket: A leather jacket adds an edgy touch while keeping you warm. Look for one with a quilted or faux fur lining for extra coziness.
  • Peacoat: A timeless peacoat pairs well with dresses and offers both warmth and style. Opt for one in a neutral color that can be easily matched with different outfits.

Accessories and Additional Clothing Items to Make a Dress Suitable for Cold Weather

To make your dress suitable for cold weather, consider incorporating these accessories and additional clothing items:

  • Turtleneck or Mock Neck Top: Layering a turtleneck or mock neck top underneath your dress adds warmth while creating an elegant look.
  • Knee-High Boots: Not only do knee-high boots keep your feet warm, but they also add style to your outfit. Opt for ones with insulation or lined interiors.
  • Thick Tights or Leggings: Pair your dress with thick tights or leggings to provide an extra layer of warmth. Look for fleece-lined options for maximum coziness.
  • Beanie or Hat: Keep your head warm by wearing a beanie or hat that complements your dress. Choose one made from wool or fleece for added insulation.
  • Gloves and Scarf: Complete your cold-weather look by accessorizing with gloves and a scarf. Opt for materials like cashmere or wool to keep your hands and neck cozy.

Stylish Ways to Wear Tights or Leggings with a Dress in Colder Climates

Tights and leggings are versatile pieces that can transform a summer dress into a winter-appropriate outfit. Here are some stylish ways to wear them in colder climates:

  • Layered Look: Pair patterned tights under a solid-colored dress for a chic layered look. Add ankle boots and a chunky sweater for extra warmth.
  • Faux Leather Leggings: Combine faux leather leggings with a flowy dress for an edgy yet feminine ensemble. Complete the look with ankle boots and a cropped jacket.
  • Opaque Tights: Opt for opaque tights in darker shades, such as black or navy, to create a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Pair them with knee-high boots and a tailored coat.
  • Lace Trimmed Leggings: Add a touch of femininity by wearing lace-trimmed leggings underneath your dress. Complete the outfit with ballet flats and an oversized cardigan.

Incorporating Scarves or Shawls into Your Outfit with a Winter Dress

Scarves and shawls not only provide warmth but also add style and versatility to your winter dress ensemble. Here are some ways to incorporate them:

  • Blanket Scarf: Wrap a cozy blanket scarf around your neck for a trendy and effortless look. Pair it with knee-high boots and a belted coat.
  • Pashmina Shawl: Drape a pashmina shawl over your shoulders for an elegant touch. This versatile accessory can be worn in various styles, such as the classic wrap or draped over one shoulder.
  • Fur Stole: Add glamour to your winter dress by accessorizing with a fur stole. Choose one in faux fur for an ethical option.
  • Infinity Scarf: Opt for an infinity scarf that can be looped around your neck multiple times for added warmth. Pair it with ankle boots and a leather jacket for a chic look.

Footwear Options that Keep Feet Warm with Dresses in Cold Weather

To keep your feet warm while wearing dresses in cold weather, consider these footwear options:

  • Knee-High Boots: Knee-high boots not only provide warmth but also add sophistication to your outfit. Look for ones with insulation or lined interiors.
  • Ankle Boots: Ankle boots are versatile and can be paired with various dress lengths. Opt for ones made from waterproof materials to protect against snow or rain.
  • Fleece-Lined Booties: Fleece-lined booties offer both style and warmth. They are perfect for pairing with shorter dresses or skirts.
  • Shearling-Lined Boots: Shearling-lined boots provide excellent insulation and comfort. They are ideal for extremely cold climates.

Creative Ways to Add Warmth and Style to a Dress during Colder Seasons

Elevate your dress outfits during colder seasons by incorporating these creative ideas:

  • Belted Coat: Layer a belted coat over your dress to add warmth and define your waistline. Choose one in a complementary color or pattern.
  • Statement Scarf: Opt for a bold, oversized scarf that can be wrapped around your neck multiple times. This accessory not only keeps you warm but also adds a pop of color or texture to your outfit.
  • Faux Fur Vest: Layer a faux fur vest over your dress for a luxurious and cozy look. Pair it with knee-high boots and tights for added warmth.
  • Sweater Dress: Invest in a sweater dress made from thick, warm materials like wool or cashmere. This versatile piece can be worn alone or layered with tights and boots.

Adapting Summer Dresses for Wear during Winter Months: Recommendations

If you have summer dresses that you want to wear during winter months, here are some recommendations on how to adapt them:

  • Add Layers: Layer a turtleneck or long-sleeved top underneath your summer dress to provide extra warmth.
  • Pair with Leggings: Wear thick leggings underneath your summer dress to keep your legs warm. Opt for fleece-lined options for maximum insulation.
  • Top with a Sweater: Layer a chunky sweater or cardigan over your summer dress to add warmth and create a stylish winter look.
  • Accessorize with Boots and Tights: Pair your summer dress with knee-high boots and opaque tights to make it suitable for colder weather.

In conclusion, by layering strategically and incorporating warm accessories, it is possible to stylishly wear a dress even in cold weather.

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