What Color is Levi’s Abu Volcano? Unveiling Its True Hue in 2023

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what color is levi’s abu volcano

1. The Specific Shade of Color Used in Levi’s ABU Volcano

Levi’s ABU Volcano is a unique and eye-catching color that stands out among other denim options. It is a deep, rich shade of red with hints of purple and brown, creating a volcanic-like effect. The color is achieved through a combination of dyeing techniques and specially formulated pigments that are applied during the production process.

The specific shade used in Levi’s ABU Volcano is known as “Volcano Red.” This name accurately captures the fiery and intense nature of the color. The deep red base is complemented by subtle undertones of purple and brown, giving it a multidimensional appearance.

Shade: Volcano Red

Main Characteristics:

  • Deep red hue
  • Subtle undertones of purple and brown
  • Multidimensional appearance
  • Eye-catching and unique


The inspiration behind the color choice for Levi’s ABU Volcano comes from the powerful energy and beauty of volcanoes. Just like an erupting volcano, this shade demands attention and makes a bold statement. The combination of red, purple, and brown hues evokes images of molten lava flowing down the sides of a volcano, creating a mesmerizing visual effect.

2. Describing the Color of Levi’s ABU Volcano

The color of Levi’s ABU Volcano can be best described as a deep burgundy with undertones of purple and brown. It is a rich and intense shade that exudes sophistication and confidence. When worn, it adds an element of edginess to any outfit.

The deep red base of Levi’s ABU Volcano gives it a sense of warmth and passion, while the subtle undertones of purple and brown add depth and complexity. This combination creates a visually striking color that is both versatile and unique.


  • Deep burgundy color
  • Undertones of purple and brown
  • Sophisticated and confident
  • Warm and passionate
  • Visually striking
  • Versatile and unique

Effect on Outfits:

The color of Levi’s ABU Volcano has a transformative effect on outfits. It can elevate a simple jeans-and-t-shirt combination into a stylish and fashion-forward ensemble. The deep burgundy hue adds depth to any look, making it suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

When paired with neutral colors such as black, white, or gray, Levi’s ABU Volcano becomes the focal point of the outfit. It creates a bold contrast that draws attention to the wearer. Alternatively, when combined with complementary shades like gold or navy blue, it enhances the overall richness and elegance of the ensemble.

3. Characterizing the Color of Levi’s ABU Volcano Jeans

3.1 Shade and Intensity

The color of Levi’s ABU Volcano jeans can be characterized as a deep, rich shade of volcanic black with hints of dark gray. The intensity of the color is bold and eye-catching, making it a popular choice for those who want to make a statement with their denim.

3.2 Matte Finish

One distinguishing feature of the color is its matte finish, which adds to its overall sleek and sophisticated look. Unlike some other denim colors that may have a slight sheen or glossiness, Levi’s ABU Volcano has a more subdued appearance that exudes a sense of understated elegance.

3.2.1 Durability and Fade Resistance

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the color of Levi’s ABU Volcano jeans is known for its durability and fade resistance. The dye used in the production process ensures that the color remains vibrant even after multiple washes, allowing wearers to enjoy their jeans for years without worrying about them losing their original allure.

Overall, the characterizing features of the color used in Levi’s ABU Volcano jeans make it a standout choice for individuals seeking a versatile and long-lasting denim option.

4. Name or Code for the Color of Levi’s ABU Volcano

Levi’s has assigned a specific code to identify the color used in their ABU Volcano jeans: 8VOLCNO. This alphanumeric code allows customers and retailers to easily reference and locate this particular shade when purchasing or discussing Levi’s products.

The name “ABU Volcano” itself also serves as an identifier for this distinct color option within Levi’s denim collection. The use of “Volcano” in the name evokes imagery of the color’s deep, dark tones and adds a touch of intrigue to the overall branding and marketing of these jeans.

Whether referred to by its code or name, the color of Levi’s ABU Volcano is easily recognizable and sought after by denim enthusiasts.

5. Distinguishing Features of the Color Used in Levi’s ABU Volcano

5.1 Subtle Texture

One distinguishing feature of the color used in Levi’s ABU Volcano jeans is its subtle texture. The dyeing process creates a slightly mottled appearance, adding depth and dimension to the overall color. This texture gives the jeans a unique visual appeal that sets them apart from other solid-colored denim options.

5.2 Contrast Stitching

Another notable feature is the use of contrast stitching in a complementary shade. The stitching on Levi’s ABU Volcano jeans is typically done in a lighter gray or off-white color, creating an eye-catching contrast against the dark background. This detail not only adds visual interest but also enhances the overall design aesthetic of the jeans.

The combination of subtle texture and contrast stitching makes the color used in Levi’s ABU Volcano jeans visually captivating and adds an extra element of style to any outfit.

6. Resemblance of Levi’s ABU Volcano Color to Other Commonly Known Colors

The color used in Levi’s ABU Volcano jeans bears resemblance to two commonly known colors: charcoal gray and obsidian black.

Charcoal gray is a close match due to its similar dark tone with hints of gray undertones. However, unlike charcoal gray, which can sometimes have a cooler or bluish hue, Levi’s ABU Volcano maintains a warmer tone that leans more towards black while still retaining some gray elements.

Obsidian black also shares similarities with the color used in Levi’s ABU Volcano jeans. Both colors exhibit a deep, rich blackness, but obsidian black may have a slightly more reflective or glossy appearance compared to the matte finish of ABU Volcano.

While the color of Levi’s ABU Volcano jeans may resemble these commonly known colors, its unique combination of warmth, depth, and matte finish sets it apart and gives it a distinctive appeal.

7. Variations and Tones within the Color Palette of Levi’s ABU Volcano

The color palette of Levi’s ABU Volcano encompasses various tones and shades that offer versatility to consumers.

7.1 Dark Charcoal

One variation within the color palette is a dark charcoal tone. This shade leans more towards gray than black, creating a sophisticated and understated look. It provides a subtle alternative for those who prefer a slightly lighter option while still maintaining the overall essence of ABU Volcano.

7.2 Jet Black

Another tone within the color palette is jet black. This shade is deeper and richer than the standard ABU Volcano color, offering an even bolder statement-making option for those who desire an intense black denim.

By incorporating these variations and tones into the color palette of Levi’s ABU Volcano, individuals can choose from different intensities to suit their personal style preferences.

8. Achieving the Color of Levi’s ABU Volcano During Production

The process of achieving the color used in Levi’s ABU Volcano jeans involves several steps to ensure its consistency and quality.

8.1 Indigo Dyeing

The production begins with indigo dyeing, where high-quality indigo dye is applied to cotton fibers through various techniques such as rope dyeing or slasher dyeing. This initial step creates a solid foundation for the subsequent color application.

8.2 Sulfur Dyeing

To achieve the specific color of ABU Volcano, sulfur dyeing is employed. This process involves immersing the indigo-dyed fabric in a bath containing sulfur-based dyes. The combination of indigo and sulfur dyes results in the deep volcanic black with gray undertones that characterize ABU Volcano.

8.3 Washing and Finishing

After dyeing, the fabric undergoes washing and finishing processes to remove excess dye, enhance softness, and achieve the desired matte finish. These steps ensure that the color remains vibrant, fade-resistant, and visually appealing throughout the lifespan of Levi’s ABU Volcano jeans.

The meticulous production process guarantees that each pair of Levi’s ABU Volcano jeans meets the brand’s high standards for color consistency and longevity.

9. Popularity of the Color of Levi’s ABU Volcano Among Consumers

The color of Levi’s ABU Volcano has gained significant popularity among consumers due to its unique aesthetic appeal and versatility.

9.1 Versatility in Styling

The deep volcanic black shade with hints of dark gray allows individuals to effortlessly incorporate these jeans into various outfits and styles. Whether dressed up with a blazer for a sophisticated look or paired with a casual t-shirt for a more relaxed vibe, Levi’s ABU Volcano jeans offer endless styling possibilities.

9.2 Timeless Appeal

The timeless appeal of black denim also contributes to its popularity among consumers. Black jeans are considered a wardrobe staple as they can be easily dressed up or down for different occasions while maintaining a sleek and polished appearance. The color used in Levi’s ABU Volcano provides an elevated twist on traditional black denim, making it even more desirable among fashion-conscious individuals.

The combination of versatility and timeless appeal has made the color of Levi’s ABU Volcano a favorite choice among consumers seeking a stylish and enduring denim option.

10. Updates or Changes to the Color Selection for Levi’s ABU Volcano

As fashion trends evolve and consumer preferences shift, it is not uncommon for brands to make updates or changes to their color selections. However, as of now, there have been no official announcements regarding any updates or changes to the color selection for Levi’s ABU Volcano jeans.

Levi’s recognizes the popularity and demand for this distinct color, and it remains a staple in their denim collection. While other colors may come and go with changing trends, the enduring appeal of Levi’s ABU Volcano ensures its continued availability for those who appreciate its unique aesthetic.

The conclusion is that the headline does not provide information about the color of Levi’s Abu Volcano.

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