What Color Tux Goes with Navy Blue Dress? Ultimate Guide for 2023

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what color tux goes with navy blue dress

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1. Suitable Colors of Tuxedos That Complement a Navy Blue Dress

Choosing the right color for a tuxedo to complement a navy blue dress is essential for creating a cohesive and stylish look. While there are various colors that can work well with navy blue, some options stand out as particularly suitable choices.


One classic option is to pair a navy blue dress with a black tuxedo. The contrast between the deep navy and the sharp black creates an elegant and timeless combination. Black tuxedos are versatile and can be worn for both formal and semi-formal occasions.

Charcoal Gray:

Another complementary color choice is charcoal gray. This shade adds depth and sophistication to the overall look while maintaining a classic appeal. Charcoal gray tuxedos work well for evening events or weddings, providing a sleek alternative to black.


If you’re looking to add some richness and warmth to your ensemble, consider pairing your navy blue dress with a burgundy tuxedo. This color combination creates an eye-catching contrast that is both stylish and unique. Burgundy tuxedos are particularly suited for formal events or evening affairs.

List of suitable colors:

  • Black
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Burgundy

2. Specific Shades or Tones of Tuxedo That Pair Well with a Navy Blue Dress

The specific shades or tones of tuxedos that pair well with a navy blue dress depend on the desired effect and personal style preferences.

Navy Blue:

For a monochromatic and sleek look, opting for a navy blue tuxedo that matches the shade of your dress can create an elegant and cohesive ensemble. This choice works particularly well for formal events or when you want to make a statement.

Light Gray:

If you prefer a softer and more subtle contrast, consider pairing your navy blue dress with a light gray tuxedo. This combination creates a sophisticated and understated look that is suitable for various occasions.

Ivory or Cream:

For a romantic and vintage-inspired aesthetic, an ivory or cream-colored tuxedo can be an excellent choice. This softer color option pairs beautifully with navy blue dresses, creating an elegant and timeless ensemble.

List of specific shades or tones:

  • Navy Blue
  • Light Gray
  • Ivory or Cream

3. Traditional or Classic Color Choices for Tuxedos When Worn with a Navy Blue Dress

Classic Black Tuxedo

When it comes to traditional color choices for tuxedos worn with a navy blue dress, the classic black tuxedo is a timeless option. The contrasting combination of black and navy creates a sophisticated and elegant look. A black tuxedo jacket paired with matching black trousers provides a sleek and polished appearance that complements the deep hue of the navy blue dress.

Navy Blue Tuxedo

Another classic color choice for a tuxedo when worn with a navy blue dress is a navy blue tuxedo itself. This monochromatic ensemble creates a cohesive and stylish look. Opting for a navy blue tuxedo allows for an interesting play on shades of blue, adding depth and dimension to the overall outfit. Pairing it with a crisp white shirt and coordinating accessories completes the sophisticated look.

4. Ensuring Harmonization of Tuxedo Color with a Navy Blue Dress

When aiming to achieve harmonization between the tuxedo color and a navy blue dress, it is essential to consider complementary colors. One option is to select a charcoal gray tuxedo, which offers an elegant contrast while still maintaining harmony with the deep hue of the dress. The subtle gray tones complement the richness of navy blue without overpowering it.

An alternative approach is to opt for shades within the same color family as navy blue. For example, choosing a midnight blue tuxedo can create an effortlessly coordinated look. This darker shade adds depth to the outfit while ensuring that all elements blend seamlessly together.

5. Rules and Guidelines for Selecting a Tuxedo Color to Match a Navy Blue Dress

Consider the Occasion

When selecting a tuxedo color to match a navy blue dress, it is important to consider the occasion. For formal events such as black-tie galas or weddings, sticking to classic colors like black or navy blue is generally recommended. These colors exude elegance and sophistication, ensuring that you are appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Personal Style and Preference

Your personal style and preference should also play a role in selecting the tuxedo color. If you prefer a more daring and unique look, you may opt for a burgundy or deep green tuxedo. These unconventional choices can make a bold fashion statement while still harmonizing with the navy blue dress.

6. Factors to Consider When Choosing the Color of a Tuxedo with a Navy Blue Dress

  • Skin Tone: Consider how different colors may complement or clash with your skin tone.
  • Venue and Lighting: Take into account the venue’s ambiance and lighting conditions, as certain colors may appear differently in various settings.
  • Season: Consider seasonal color palettes to ensure your tuxedo complements the overall aesthetic of the event.
  • Personal Style: Reflect on your personal style and preferences to select a color that aligns with your individual taste.

7. Contrasting Colors for a Tuxedo That Creates an Appealing Combination with a Navy Blue Dress

To create an appealing contrast with a navy blue dress, consider opting for complementary colors such as silver or white. A white tuxedo jacket paired with black trousers creates an eye-catching contrast against the deep hue of the dress, making for an elegant and striking ensemble.

For a more subtle contrast, a silver or gray tuxedo can provide a sophisticated look. The cool tones of these colors create an interesting juxtaposition against the warmth of the navy blue dress, resulting in a visually pleasing combination.

8. Popular Fashion Trends and Preferences for Tuxedo Colors with a Navy Blue Dress

In recent years, there has been an emergence of fashion trends and preferences when it comes to tuxedo colors worn with navy blue dresses. One popular trend is opting for a burgundy or wine-colored tuxedo jacket. This rich and bold color choice adds depth and personality to the outfit while still complementing the navy blue dress.

Additionally, pastel-colored tuxedos have gained popularity among those seeking a more unique and contemporary look. Soft shades like light gray or pale pink can create an unexpected yet stylish combination with a navy blue dress, adding a touch of modernity to the overall ensemble.

9. Influence of Time of Day or Type of Event on Tuxedo Color Choice with a Navy Blue Dress

Daytime Events

For daytime events, lighter colors such as light gray or beige can be appropriate choices for tuxedos worn with navy blue dresses. These colors reflect natural light and create a fresh and airy aesthetic that aligns well with daytime settings.

Nighttime Events

When attending nighttime events, darker colors like black or deep navy are often preferred for tuxedos paired with navy blue dresses. These colors enhance the formality and elegance of evening affairs while providing a classic and timeless look.

10. Accessories and Accents to Enhance the Look when Wearing a Specific Color of Tuxedo with a Navy Blue Dress

When wearing a specific color of tuxedo with a navy blue dress, carefully chosen accessories and accents can enhance the overall look:

Black Tuxedo:

  • Opt for a black bowtie or necktie to maintain a cohesive and classic appearance.
  • Add silver or white cufflinks and studs for subtle yet elegant accents.

Navy Blue Tuxedo:

  • Pair it with a navy blue bowtie or necktie to create a monochromatic look.
  • Consider silver or gold accessories to add a touch of sophistication and contrast.

Remember, accessories should complement the tuxedo color while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the outfit.

In conclusion, a black or charcoal gray tuxedo would be the most suitable choice to complement a navy blue dress.

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