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what do u do at prom

Popular Activities at Prom

Prom is a memorable night for high school students, and there are several popular activities that make the event enjoyable and exciting. One of the most anticipated activities at prom is dancing. Students hit the dance floor to show off their moves and have a great time with their friends. The DJ or live band plays a mix of popular songs, creating an energetic atmosphere that gets everyone on their feet.

In addition to dancing, prom often includes other fun activities such as photo booths. These booths provide a space for students to take pictures with their friends and create lasting memories of the night. Props like hats, glasses, and signs are usually available in the booth, allowing students to get creative with their photos.

Another popular activity at prom is the crowning of the prom king and queen. This is typically done through a voting process where students nominate and vote for their peers. The winners are then announced during the event, adding an element of excitement and anticipation to the night.

How Students Prepare for Prom

Preparing for prom involves several steps to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the big night. One of the first things students do is find a date or group of friends to attend prom with. This can involve asking someone out in a creative way or simply making plans with close friends.

Once a date or group is established, students begin searching for the perfect outfit. Girls often spend time browsing boutiques or online stores for dresses that fit their style and budget. Boys may rent tuxedos or suits from formalwear shops to complete their look.

In addition to finding attire, many students also make appointments at salons or barbershops to get their hair styled before prom. Some may even opt for professional makeup application or manicures/pedicures to complete their look. Students may also coordinate with their dates or friends to ensure that their outfits and accessories complement each other.

The Traditional Timeline of Events at Prom Night

Prom night typically follows a traditional timeline of events, creating a structured and organized experience for students. The evening usually begins with a grand entrance, where students arrive at the prom venue in style. This can involve arriving in limousines, classic cars, or even horse-drawn carriages.

After the grand entrance, there is often a cocktail hour or socializing period where students have the opportunity to mingle and take photos before dinner. This allows everyone to relax and enjoy the company of their friends before the formal part of the evening begins.

Following the socializing period, dinner is served. This can be a sit-down meal or a buffet-style arrangement, depending on the venue and budget. Dinner provides an opportunity for students to enjoy a delicious meal together and continue socializing.

Once dinner is finished, the dancing portion of the evening begins. The DJ or live band starts playing music, and students hit the dance floor to show off their moves. Throughout the night, there may be breaks for special performances or announcements such as crowning the prom king and queen.

Dress Codes and Themes at Proms

Proms often have dress codes to ensure that everyone looks formal and appropriate for the occasion. Common dress codes include black tie (for boys) and formal dresses (for girls). Black tie attire typically consists of tuxedos or suits with bow ties for boys, while formal dresses vary in length and style for girls.

In addition to dress codes, many proms also have themes that students are encouraged to follow when choosing their outfits. Popular themes include Hollywood glamour, masquerade balls, and decade-inspired themes. These themes add an extra element of fun and creativity to the event, allowing students to express their personal style within the theme guidelines.

Some proms also incorporate color schemes into their dress codes or themes. For example, a prom may have a “black and white” theme where students are encouraged to wear outfits that adhere to this color scheme. This can create a visually striking atmosphere at the event as everyone coordinates their outfits accordingly.

The Music Played at Proms

The music played at proms is carefully selected to cater to different tastes and ensure that everyone has a great time on the dance floor. DJs or live bands typically play a mix of popular songs from various genres, including pop, hip-hop, rock, and R&B.

When it comes to song selection, DJs often take requests from students in advance or during the event itself. This allows attendees to hear their favorite songs and get involved in creating the playlist for the night. DJs also know how to read the crowd and adjust the music accordingly, keeping the energy high throughout the evening.

In addition to popular songs, proms may also include slow dances for couples or special moments like father-daughter dances. These slower songs provide an opportunity for more intimate moments on the dance floor and allow attendees to showcase their dancing skills in a different way.

Special Performances and Entertainment at Prom

To make prom even more memorable, some events include special performances or entertainment throughout the night. This can range from professional dancers who perform choreographed routines to live bands or singers who entertain guests with their talent.

Another popular form of entertainment at prom is hiring photo booths or caricature artists. These additions provide interactive experiences for students during breaks from dancing and socializing. Photo booths allow students to take fun pictures with props and backgrounds, while caricature artists create personalized drawings for attendees to take home as a memento of the night.

Some proms also incorporate surprise performances or guest appearances. This could include local celebrities, popular musicians, or even alumni who have gone on to achieve success in their respective fields. These special performances add an element of excitement and surprise to the event, making it even more memorable for attendees.

Customary Traditions and Rituals at Prom Nights

Prom nights often include customary traditions and rituals that have become a part of the high school experience. One common tradition is the promenade, where students walk down a designated area or stage to showcase their outfits before entering the main event. This allows everyone to admire each other’s attire and creates a sense of anticipation for the rest of the evening.

Another tradition is the exchange of corsages and boutonnieres between couples. Typically, boys give girls corsages (wrist or pin-on flowers) while girls give boys boutonnieres (small flowers worn on the lapel). This gesture symbolizes that they are attending prom together and adds a touch of elegance to their outfits.

Many proms also include a grand march or entrance, where couples or groups enter the venue together in a coordinated manner. This can involve choreographed dances, themed entrances, or simply walking in together to make a statement. The grand march allows students to showcase their creativity and adds an element of excitement to the beginning of the event.

Choosing Dates for Prom

The process of choosing dates for prom varies among different schools and individuals. Some students choose to go with a romantic partner, while others prefer going with friends as part of a group. The decision often depends on personal preferences and relationships within the student body.

In some cases, students may ask their desired date to prom in a creative or elaborate way. This can involve surprise gestures, such as asking through a scavenger hunt or with a public display of affection. Others may opt for a more casual approach and simply have a conversation about attending prom together.

Some schools also have traditions around prom dates, such as the “promposal.” This is when students make elaborate and creative proposals to ask someone to be their prom date. Promposals can involve anything from writing messages on posters or using props to create a memorable and unique invitation.

Decorations and Arrangements at Prom Venues

Prom venues are often transformed with elaborate decorations and arrangements to create an enchanting atmosphere for attendees. Common decorations include themed backdrops, drapes, and lighting that enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.

Tables at prom venues are typically adorned with centerpieces that match the theme or color scheme of the event. These centerpieces can range from simple floral arrangements to more intricate designs incorporating candles, crystals, or other decorative elements.

The dance floor is another focal point of the venue’s decoration. It is usually marked with special lighting effects, such as spotlights or colored lights that create an inviting ambiance for dancing. Some venues may even have additional features like fog machines or confetti cannons to add excitement to the dance floor.

Differences Between Senior Prom and Other School Dances

Senior prom is often considered the most significant school dance for high school seniors as it marks the end of their high school journey. There are several key differences between senior prom and other school dances:

1. Importance:

  • Senior prom holds greater significance compared to other school dances due to its association with graduation and transitioning into adulthood.
  • Other school dances, such as homecoming or winter formal, are typically seen as more casual events.

2. Attendance:

  • Senior prom is open exclusively to seniors, while other school dances may be open to students from multiple grade levels.
  • This exclusivity creates a sense of unity and shared experience among the senior class.

3. Venue and Budget:

  • Senior prom often takes place at a larger and more prestigious venue compared to other school dances.
  • The budget for senior prom is typically higher, allowing for more extravagant decorations, entertainment, and food options.

4. Dress Code:

  • The dress code for senior prom is usually more formal compared to other school dances.
  • Girls often wear long dresses or elegant gowns, while boys opt for tuxedos or suits.

In summary, senior prom distinguishes itself from other school dances through its significance, exclusivity, venue/budget, and dress code. It serves as a memorable culmination of high school life before students embark on new adventures beyond graduation.

In conclusion, the activities and experiences at prom vary from person to person, but generally include dancing, socializing, and creating lasting memories with friends.

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