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what goes well with white shorts

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Classic Color Combinations That Pair Well with White Shorts

White shorts are a versatile summer staple that can be easily paired with a variety of colors. Classic color combinations that work well with white shorts include navy blue, black, and pastel shades. Navy blue is a timeless choice that adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Pair your white shorts with a navy blue striped top for a nautical-inspired look, or opt for a navy blue blouse for a more polished ensemble. Black is another classic color that complements white shorts beautifully. A black tank top or t-shirt paired with white shorts creates a sleek and chic monochromatic look. For a pop of color, consider incorporating pastel shades like blush pink or mint green into your outfit. These soft hues add femininity and freshness to your overall look when paired with white shorts.

Classic Color Combinations:

– Navy blue and white
– Black and white
– Blush pink and white
– Mint green and white


– When choosing colors to pair with white shorts, consider the occasion and your personal style.
– Experiment with different color combinations to find what suits you best.
– Don’t be afraid to mix bold colors with white shorts for a fun and vibrant look.

Patterns and Prints That Complement White Shorts Nicely

To add some visual interest to your outfit, consider incorporating patterns and prints when styling your white shorts. Stripes are a classic pattern that pairs well with white shorts. Opt for a striped button-down shirt or a striped tank top for an effortlessly chic look. Floral prints are another popular choice that adds femininity and charm to an outfit featuring white shorts. A floral blouse or camisole can instantly elevate the overall look while keeping it fresh and summery.

Patterns and Prints:

– Stripes
– Floral prints
– Polka dots
– Gingham


– When mixing patterns with white shorts, make sure to choose patterns that have at least one color in common.
– If you’re new to mixing patterns, start with small accessories like a patterned scarf or a printed handbag.
– Don’t be afraid to mix different types of patterns for a bold and unique look.

Footwear Options That Go Well with White Shorts

Choosing the right footwear is essential when styling white shorts. The type of shoes you wear can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your outfit. For a casual and laid-back look, pair your white shorts with sneakers. White sneakers create a clean and fresh aesthetic that complements the crispness of the shorts. Sandals are another great option for warmer weather. Opt for strappy sandals or espadrilles for a boho-inspired look, or choose simple flip-flops for a more relaxed vibe. If you’re going for a dressier look, wedges or block heels can add height and elegance to your outfit.

Footwear Options:

– Sneakers
– Sandals (strappy sandals, espadrilles)
– Flip-flops
– Wedges or block heels


– Consider the occasion and level of comfort when choosing footwear to pair with white shorts.
– Experiment with different shoe styles to create various looks ranging from casual to dressy.
– Pay attention to the color and style of your shoes to ensure they complement your white shorts effectively.

Accessorizing White Shorts for a Stylish and Put-Together Look

When it comes to accessorizing white shorts, there are plenty of options to choose from that can elevate your outfit and give it a stylish and put-together look. One great accessory to consider is a statement belt. Whether it’s a wide leather belt with intricate details or a colorful woven belt, adding this accessory can instantly add interest and define your waistline.

Another way to accessorize white shorts is by adding some jewelry. Opt for delicate gold or silver necklaces, bracelets, or earrings to add a touch of elegance. You can also experiment with layering different lengths of necklaces for a trendy look. Additionally, don’t forget about the power of a stylish handbag or clutch. Choose one in a bold color or with interesting textures to make a statement.

Adding Hats and Sunglasses

To complete your look when wearing white shorts, don’t forget about hats and sunglasses. A wide-brimmed straw hat not only adds an element of chicness but also protects you from the sun’s rays. Pair it with oversized sunglasses for an effortlessly cool vibe.

Footwear Options

When it comes to footwear, there are several options that go well with white shorts. For a casual daytime look, opt for comfortable sandals or sneakers. If you want to dress up your outfit, consider wearing wedges or strappy heels in neutral tones like nude or metallics.

  • Add a statement belt
  • Incorporate delicate gold or silver jewelry
  • Choose a stylish handbag or clutch
  • Wear a wide-brimmed straw hat and oversized sunglasses
  • Opt for comfortable sandals or sneakers for a casual look
  • Dress up your outfit with wedges or strappy heels

Tops and Blouses That Work Best When Paired with White Shorts

1. Flowy Tops:

Flowy tops are a great choice when pairing them with white shorts. They create a relaxed and effortless look that is perfect for casual outings or beach days. Opt for tops made from lightweight fabrics like chiffon or linen to enhance the breezy feel. Pairing a flowy floral blouse with white shorts creates a feminine and summery ensemble.

2. Crop Tops:

For a more trendy and youthful look, crop tops can be paired with white shorts. This combination is perfect for hot summer days or music festivals. Choose crop tops in bold colors or fun prints to add some personality to your outfit. Complete the look with high-waisted white shorts to balance the proportions.

3. Button-Down Shirts:

Button-down shirts are versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down when paired with white shorts. For a casual look, leave the shirt untucked and roll up the sleeves slightly. To elevate the outfit, tuck in the shirt and add a statement belt to define your waistline. Opt for classic colors like white or light blue for a timeless and sophisticated appearance.

Overall, when choosing tops and blouses to pair with white shorts, consider the occasion and your personal style. Experiment with different silhouettes, patterns, and textures to create unique and stylish outfits.

Fabrics and Textures That Enhance the Overall Look of White Shorts

When it comes to enhancing the overall look of white shorts, selecting the right fabrics and textures can make all the difference.

1. Lace:

Lace adds a touch of femininity and elegance to any outfit featuring white shorts. Whether it’s a lace top, a lace overlay on the shorts themselves, or lace detailing on the hem, this delicate fabric instantly elevates the look. Pair white lace shorts with a flowy blouse for a romantic and ethereal ensemble.

2. Denim:

Denim is a classic fabric that complements white shorts perfectly. Opt for denim tops or jackets to create a casual and effortless vibe. A denim chambray shirt paired with white shorts creates a chic and timeless outfit suitable for various occasions. Experiment with different washes and distressing levels to add texture and interest.

3. Linen:

Linen is an ideal fabric choice for summer outfits featuring white shorts. It is lightweight, breathable, and has a relaxed aesthetic. Look for linen tops or blazers to pair with white shorts for a sophisticated yet laid-back look. The natural texture of linen adds visual interest while keeping you cool in warm weather.

By incorporating fabrics like lace, denim, and linen into your outfits with white shorts, you can enhance their overall appeal and create stylish ensembles.

Outerwear and Layers to Wear with White Shorts for Different Seasons

White shorts are versatile pieces that can be worn throughout the year by layering them with appropriate outerwear.

1. Cardigans:

During cooler months or in air-conditioned environments, layering white shorts with cardigans can keep you warm while maintaining a stylish look. Opt for longline cardigans in neutral colors like beige or gray to create a cozy yet chic outfit. Pair them with a fitted top and ankle boots for an effortlessly put-together ensemble.

2. Denim Jackets:

Denim jackets are perfect for adding an extra layer of style to your white shorts during transitional seasons like spring or fall. Choose a cropped or oversized denim jacket depending on your personal preference and the overall look you want to achieve. This combination creates a casual and trendy outfit suitable for various occasions.

3. Trench Coats:

For colder seasons, layering white shorts with a trench coat can create a sophisticated and polished look. Opt for a classic beige trench coat that hits around knee-length to maintain a timeless aesthetic. Pair it with a sweater or blouse, tights, and ankle boots to complete the outfit.

By incorporating cardigans, denim jackets, and trench coats into your outfits with white shorts, you can adapt them to different seasons while staying stylish and comfortable.

Fashion Rules and Guidelines for Styling White Shorts

When styling white shorts, there are some fashion rules and guidelines that can help you create flattering and cohesive outfits.

1. Consider Your Body Shape:

Different styles of white shorts suit different body shapes. If you have an hourglass figure, opt for high-waisted shorts that accentuate your waistline. For pear-shaped bodies, choose A-line or wide-leg shorts that balance out the hips. Straight-legged or tailored shorts work well for apple-shaped bodies by creating clean lines.

2. Mind the Undergarments:

White shorts can be slightly see-through, so it’s important to choose appropriate undergarments. Opt for nude-colored underwear or seamless options to avoid visible panty lines. Additionally, consider wearing skin-toned shapewear if desired for extra confidence.

3. Balance Proportions:

When wearing white shorts, it’s essential to balance proportions with your top half. If your shorts are tight-fitting or short in length, pair them with looser tops or blouses to create visual harmony. Conversely, if your shorts are loose or longer, opt for more fitted tops to maintain a balanced silhouette.

By following these fashion rules and guidelines, you can confidently style white shorts in a way that flatters your body shape and creates cohesive outfits.

Trendy and Fashionable Outfits Featuring White Shorts as the Centerpiece

White shorts can be the centerpiece of trendy and fashionable outfits. Here are some ideas to inspire your styling:

1. Boho Chic Look:

Pair high-waisted white shorts with a flowy off-the-shoulder blouse in a vibrant print. Complete the look with ankle boots, layered necklaces, and a wide-brimmed hat for a boho chic vibe. Add some oversized sunglasses for an extra touch of glamour.

2. Monochromatic Ensemble:

Create a sleek and modern outfit by pairing white shorts with a white blazer or structured top. This monochromatic look is effortlessly stylish and perfect for summer events or evenings out. Add metallic accessories like silver heels or statement earrings to elevate the ensemble.

3. Sporty Casual Outfit:

For a laid-back yet trendy look, pair white athletic-style shorts with a graphic t-shirt or cropped sweatshirt. Complete the outfit with sneakers and a baseball cap for an athleisure-inspired ensemble. Layering with a denim jacket adds an extra element of style.

By incorporating these trendy and fashionable outfit ideas, you can create versatile looks that showcase white shorts as the centerpiece.

Tips on Choosing the Right Colors for Tops, Shoes, and Accessories to Wear with White Shorts

Choosing the right colors for tops, shoes, and accessories when wearing white shorts can enhance your overall outfit.

1. Neutral Tones:

Neutral tones like beige, tan, gray, or black create a timeless and sophisticated look when paired with white shorts. Opt for tops in these colors to create a clean and polished ensemble. Add accessories like a straw hat or woven bag in neutral shades to complement the outfit.

2. Vibrant Hues:

For a bold and eye-catching outfit, pair white shorts with tops in vibrant hues like coral, turquoise, or fuchsia. These colors add a pop of excitement and energy to your ensemble. Complete the look with matching accessories or shoes in complementary shades for a cohesive appearance.

3. Pastel Palette:

Pastel colors are perfect for creating soft and feminine outfits with white shorts. Choose tops in pastel shades like blush pink, mint green, or baby blue for a delicate and romantic look. Pair them with dainty jewelry and sandals in similar pastel tones to complete the dreamy aesthetic.

By considering these tips on choosing the right colors for tops, shoes, and accessories, you can create visually appealing outfits that enhance your white shorts.

In conclusion, there are numerous options that pair well with white shorts, allowing for versatile and stylish outfits. From casual t-shirts and tank tops to dressier blouses and button-down shirts, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, accessories such as sandals or sneakers, along with statement jewelry or hats, can elevate the overall look. Ultimately, personal style and comfort should guide the choice of what to wear with white shorts, making it a fun and adaptable fashion staple for any wardrobe.

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