What Haircut Makes Hair Look Thicker in 2023?

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what haircut makes hair look thicker

Popular Hairstyles That Create the Illusion of Thicker Hair

When it comes to creating the illusion of thicker hair, there are several popular hairstyles that can help. One option is to go for a bob haircut. Bobs are versatile and can be customized to suit different face shapes and hair textures. A chin-length bob with layers can add movement and volume, making the hair appear fuller.

Another popular hairstyle for creating the illusion of thicker hair is a pixie cut. This short haircut can give the appearance of denser hair by reducing weight and adding texture. Adding layers to a pixie cut can also enhance volume and create a fuller look.


  • Consult with a professional hairstylist to determine which bob or pixie cut will best suit your hair type and face shape.
  • Consider adding highlights or lowlights to your hair to create dimension and make it appear thicker.
  • Use volumizing products such as mousses or root-lifting sprays to enhance volume and thickness.

Additional Hairstyle Ideas:

  • A layered lob (long bob) can provide the illusion of thicker hair while still maintaining some length.
  • A shag haircut with choppy layers can add texture and body, making the hair look fuller.

How Layering the Hair Helps in Making it Appear Thicker

Layering is an effective technique for adding volume and making thin hair appear thicker. By strategically cutting different lengths throughout the hair, layering creates movement and texture, giving the illusion of fuller locks. The shorter layers underneath provide support and lift to the top layers, making them appear more voluminous.

Layering also helps to remove excess weight from the hair, which can weigh it down and make it look flat. By removing some of this weight, the hair is free to bounce and move, creating a thicker appearance. Additionally, layering can add dimension to the hair, making it look fuller and more dynamic.


  • Consult with a professional hairstylist who specializes in layering techniques for thin hair.
  • Consider adding long layers throughout the hair for a subtle volume boost.
  • Avoid excessive layering if you have very fine or sparse hair, as it may cause the ends to appear thin and wispy.

Types of Layered Haircuts:

  • A layered bob with stacked layers at the back can create volume and thickness.
  • A layered pixie cut with longer layers on top can give the illusion of fuller hair.

Specific Haircut Techniques to Add Volume to Thin Hair

There are several specific haircut techniques that can help add volume to thin hair. One technique is called texturizing, which involves cutting small sections of the hair at different lengths. This creates texture and movement, making the hair appear thicker. Texturizing can be done using various cutting tools such as scissors or razors.

Another technique is called point cutting, where the hairstylist cuts into the ends of the hair at an angle instead of straight across. This creates softness and removes bulk from the ends, giving a lighter and more voluminous look.


  • Find a hairstylist who is experienced in these specific haircut techniques for thin hair.
  • Consider getting regular trims to remove any split ends, which can make the hair look thinner.
  • Experiment with different cutting techniques such as texturizing or point cutting to find the best one for your hair type and desired look.

Other Haircut Techniques:

  • Razoring: This technique involves using a razor to create soft, feathered ends that add volume and movement to thin hair.
  • Layering with a razor comb: This technique combines layering and razoring to add texture and thickness to the hair.

Short Hairstyles That Give the Appearance of Thicker Hair

Short hairstyles can be a great option for creating the illusion of thicker hair. One popular short hairstyle is a cropped pixie cut. The short length removes weight from the hair, making it appear fuller and more voluminous. Adding layers or textured bangs to a pixie cut can further enhance volume and thickness.

Another short hairstyle that gives the appearance of thicker hair is a bob haircut. A chin-length bob with blunt ends can create the illusion of density and fullness. Blunt cuts help to create clean lines, giving the impression of thicker strands.


  • Consider opting for shorter hairstyles if you have thin or fine hair, as longer lengths can weigh down the hair and make it look flat.
  • Add texture through styling techniques such as tousling or using sea salt sprays to enhance volume in short hairstyles.
  • Consult with a hairstylist who specializes in short hairstyles for thin or fine hair to determine which cut will suit you best.

Short Hairstyle Ideas:

  • A layered pixie cut with side-swept bangs can create a fuller look.
  • A chin-length bob with textured ends and face-framing layers can add volume to thin hair.

Do Blunt Cuts Make Hair Look Thicker? Exploring the Truth

Blunt cuts can indeed make hair look thicker. By cutting the hair straight across without any layers, blunt cuts create the illusion of denser strands. The clean lines of a blunt cut give the appearance of fullness and thickness throughout the hair.

However, it’s important to note that blunt cuts may not work for everyone, especially those with very fine or sparse hair. In some cases, blunt cuts can make thin hair appear flat and lifeless. It’s crucial to consider factors such as hair texture, density, and personal preferences before opting for a blunt cut.


  • If you have thin or fine hair, consider adding subtle layers or texturizing techniques to a blunt cut to avoid a flat look.
  • Consult with a professional hairstylist who can assess your hair type and recommend whether a blunt cut will work for you.
  • Use volumizing products and styling techniques to enhance fullness and add body after getting a blunt haircut.

Alternative Haircut Options:

  • A layered haircut with blended ends can provide volume while still maintaining some length.
  • A long bob (lob) with subtle layering can create movement and thickness without sacrificing too much length.

The Role of Texture in Creating the Illusion of Thicker Hair with a Specific Haircut

Texture plays a crucial role in creating the illusion of thicker hair with a specific haircut. Adding texture to the hair through cutting techniques or styling methods can make it appear fuller and more voluminous.

One way to add texture is by incorporating layers into the haircut. Layers create movement and dimension, which can give the impression of thicker hair. By removing weight from certain areas and adding volume in others, layers help to create a fuller look.


  • Consult with a professional hairstylist who can recommend the best cutting techniques for adding texture to your specific hair type.
  • Experiment with different styling products such as texturizing sprays or sea salt sprays to enhance texture and create a fuller appearance.
  • Consider getting regular trims to maintain the shape and integrity of the textured haircut.

Styling Techniques for Texture:

  • Tousling: Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to gently tousle the hair after styling to create natural-looking texture and volume.
  • Curling or waving: Adding waves or curls to the hair can instantly boost volume and create texture, making it appear thicker.

Hairstyles and Cuts that Work Best for People with Fine or Thinning Hair

For people with fine or thinning hair, there are several hairstyles and cuts that work best to enhance volume and thickness. One option is a layered haircut. Layering helps to add movement and body, making the hair appear fuller. By strategically cutting shorter layers underneath longer ones, layering creates the illusion of density.


Adding Bangs: A Key to Fuller and Thicker-Looking Hair

Types of Bangs to Consider

Adding bangs can be a game-changer for those with thin or fine hair, as they create the illusion of more volume and thickness. There are various types of bangs to consider, depending on your face shape and personal style. For example, blunt bangs can instantly make your hair appear thicker by adding weight and density to the front. Side-swept bangs are another great option as they create a diagonal line across the forehead, making the hair look fuller. Wispy bangs can also work well for thin hair types, as they add texture and movement without overwhelming the overall look.

Tips for Styling Bangs

Once you’ve decided on the type of bangs that suit you best, it’s important to know how to style them properly to enhance their volumizing effect. Firstly, blow-drying your bangs with a round brush can help lift them at the roots and create more body. Applying a volumizing mousse or spray before blow-drying can also provide extra lift and hold throughout the day. Additionally, using a small amount of dry shampoo at the roots can add texture and prevent greasiness, keeping your bangs looking fresh and full.

Long Hairstyles that Provide Volume and Thickness to Thin or Fine Hair Types

Layered Haircuts for Added Volume

For those with thin or fine hair, opting for layered haircuts can be a game-changer in terms of creating volume and thickness. Layering helps remove excess weight from the ends while adding movement and dimension to your locks. A long layered haircut not only adds volume but also allows for versatile styling options such as loose waves or updos that further enhance the appearance of thickness.

Products to Enhance Volume

To maximize the volume and thickness of your long, layered hair, incorporating the right products into your routine is essential. Look for volumizing shampoos and conditioners that are specifically designed for thin or fine hair types. These products often contain ingredients like proteins and polymers that help plump up the strands and create a fuller look. Additionally, using a root-lifting spray or mousse before blow-drying can provide extra lift at the roots, giving your hair more body and bounce.

Tips and Products to Enhance Thickness and Complement Specific Haircuts

Choosing the Right Haircut for Your Hair Type

When aiming to enhance thickness, it’s crucial to choose a haircut that complements your specific hair type. For example, if you have naturally curly or wavy hair, opting for a layered haircut can help distribute the volume evenly throughout your locks. On the other hand, if you have straight hair, a blunt cut with minimal layers can create the illusion of thicker strands.

Thickening Products for Added Fullness

In addition to choosing the right haircut, incorporating thickening products into your hair care routine can further enhance thickness. Look for volumizing mousses or sprays that add texture and hold without weighing down your hair. These products often contain ingredients like keratin or collagen that coat each strand and make them appear thicker. Applying these products from root to tip before styling can give your hair an instant boost in volume and fullness.

In conclusion, choosing a layered haircut can create the illusion of thicker hair by adding volume and movement.

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