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what kind of shorts are in style 2022

Latest Trends in Shorts for 2022

Shorts are a staple in summer wardrobes, and each year brings new trends to refresh this classic piece of clothing. In 2022, the latest trends in shorts focus on comfort, versatility, and unique details. One popular trend is the use of oversized or exaggerated silhouettes. Designers are experimenting with looser fits and wider leg openings, creating a relaxed and effortless look. These oversized shorts can be paired with fitted tops or cropped blouses for a balanced outfit.

Another trend that is gaining popularity is the incorporation of athleisure elements into shorts. Many brands are designing shorts with sporty details such as drawstring waistbands, side stripes, and mesh panels. These athleisure-inspired shorts provide both style and functionality, making them perfect for casual outings or workouts.

When it comes to prints and patterns, floral prints are expected to be a hit this year. From dainty blossoms to bold tropical motifs, floral patterns add a touch of femininity and playfulness to shorts. Additionally, animal prints like leopard or snake print continue to make a statement in fashion. These bold prints can be paired with neutral tops for a trendy yet balanced look.


  • Oversized or exaggerated silhouettes
  • Athleisure-inspired details
  • Floral prints
  • Animal prints


  • Pair oversized shorts with fitted tops to create balance.
  • Style athleisure-inspired shorts with sneakers for a sporty-chic look.
  • Mix floral or animal print shorts with neutral tops for a trendy outfit.

Are High-Waisted Shorts Still in Style for 2022?

The Versatility of High-Waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts have been a popular trend for several years now, and they continue to be in style for 2022. These shorts are loved for their ability to accentuate the waistline and create a flattering silhouette. They can be dressed up or down, making them a versatile option for various occasions.

How to Style High-Waisted Shorts

  • For a casual look, pair high-waisted denim shorts with a graphic tee and sneakers.
  • Dress up high-waisted tailored shorts by tucking in a blouse and adding heels.
  • Create a boho-inspired outfit by pairing high-waisted flowy shorts with a crop top and sandals.

Overall, high-waisted shorts are still very much in style for 2022 due to their flattering fit and versatility.

Popular Fabric Choices for Shorts This Year

When it comes to fabric choices for shorts in 2022, there are several popular options that fashion enthusiasts are gravitating towards. One of the top choices is linen. Linen shorts offer breathability and comfort, making them perfect for hot summer days. They also have a relaxed and effortless look that adds an element of sophistication to any outfit.

Another popular fabric choice is satin. Satin shorts have a luxurious sheen that instantly elevates any ensemble. They can be worn for both casual and formal occasions, depending on how they are styled. Satin shorts often come in vibrant colors or bold prints, adding an element of playfulness to your wardrobe.

Cotton is another fabric choice that remains timeless and popular for shorts. Cotton shorts are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to care for. They come in a variety of styles, from denim cutoffs to tailored options, making them suitable for various occasions.

Bermuda Shorts: Making a Comeback in 2022?

Bermuda shorts, also known as knee-length shorts, are indeed making a comeback in 2022. These longer shorts were once considered outdated but have now been embraced by fashion-forward individuals who appreciate their versatility and modern appeal.

One way to style Bermuda shorts is by pairing them with a fitted blouse or blazer for a chic and polished look. This combination is perfect for more formal occasions or professional settings. For a casual outfit, Bermuda shorts can be worn with a loose-fitting t-shirt or tank top and sneakers.

Bermuda shorts come in various fabrics and patterns, allowing you to find the perfect pair that suits your personal style. Whether you opt for classic neutrals or bold prints, these longer shorts are definitely worth considering when planning your outfits for 2022.

Cargo Shorts: Are They Still Considered Fashionable in 2022?

Cargo shorts have long been a staple in many people’s wardrobes, offering a practical and versatile option for casual wear. However, in recent years, their popularity has waned as other styles have taken the spotlight. Despite this, cargo shorts are making a comeback in 2022 with updated designs and modern twists.

One of the reasons cargo shorts are regaining popularity is their functionality. With their numerous pockets, they provide ample storage space for essentials like keys, wallets, and phones. This makes them ideal for outdoor activities or when you need to carry small items without the need for a bag or backpack.

Updated Designs

In 2022, cargo shorts are being reinvented with updated designs that cater to current fashion trends. Instead of the baggy and oversized look of the past, designers are creating slimmer and more tailored silhouettes. This gives cargo shorts a more polished and modern appearance that can be easily dressed up or down.

Versatile Styling Options

Cargo shorts can be styled in various ways to suit different occasions. For a casual look, pair them with a simple t-shirt or tank top and sneakers. To elevate the outfit for a slightly dressier occasion, opt for a button-down shirt or polo shirt along with loafers or boat shoes.

Tips for Wearing Cargo Shorts:

  • Choose slim-fit cargo shorts for a more contemporary look.
  • Avoid overloading the pockets to maintain a streamlined appearance.
  • Experiment with different colors and patterns to add visual interest to your outfit.

Denim Cutoffs: Still a Popular Choice for Summer 2022?

Denim cutoff shorts have been a summer staple for decades, and they continue to be a popular choice in 2022. These shorts offer a laid-back and effortlessly cool vibe that is perfect for warm weather and casual occasions.

One of the reasons denim cutoffs remain popular is their versatility. They can be styled in countless ways to create different looks, making them suitable for various settings. Whether you’re heading to the beach, running errands, or meeting friends for brunch, denim cutoffs can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.

Timeless Appeal

Denim cutoffs have a timeless appeal that transcends trends. Their classic design and rugged texture make them a wardrobe staple that can be worn year after year. Additionally, as denim ages and fades over time, it adds character and individuality to the shorts.

Styling Ideas:

  • Pair denim cutoffs with a graphic t-shirt and sneakers for a casual daytime look.
  • Dress up your denim cutoffs with a flowy blouse or off-the-shoulder top and wedges for an evening out.
  • Add accessories like statement belts or layered necklaces to elevate your outfit.

Trendy Colors and Patterns for Shorts This Year

This year, shorts are not just limited to neutral colors like black, white, or khaki. Designers are embracing bold colors and eye-catching patterns to add excitement to summer wardrobes. Here are some trendy colors and patterns you can expect to see in shorts this year:

Bright Neon Shades

Neon shades are making a comeback this year, adding vibrant pops of color to shorts. From electric green to fluorescent pink, these bold hues are perfect for making a statement and standing out from the crowd.

Tropical Prints

Tropical prints featuring palm leaves, exotic flowers, and vibrant fruits are another popular choice for shorts this year. These playful patterns evoke a sense of vacation and add a touch of paradise to your summer outfits.

Other Trendy Colors and Patterns:

  • Animal prints like leopard or zebra stripes
  • Tie-dye patterns in bold or pastel colors
  • Gingham or checkered prints for a classic yet trendy look

Bike Shorts: Are They Still a Trendy Option in 2022?

Bike shorts have been a controversial trend in recent years, with some embracing their comfort and versatility while others dismiss them as a passing fad. In 2022, bike shorts continue to be a trendy option for those seeking both style and functionality.

One reason bike shorts remain popular is their athleisure appeal. With the rise of activewear as everyday wear, bike shorts offer a comfortable alternative to traditional shorts while still looking fashionable. They can be paired with oversized t-shirts, crop tops, or even blazers for an edgy and modern look.

Elevated Bike Shorts

In 2022, designers are elevating the bike short trend by incorporating luxurious fabrics like satin or leather into their designs. This adds an element of sophistication that allows bike shorts to transition seamlessly from casual outings to more formal occasions.

Tips for Styling Bike Shorts:

  • Pair bike shorts with an oversized blazer and heels for a chic and polished look.
  • Opt for high-waisted bike shorts to create a flattering silhouette.
  • Experiment with different textures and fabrics to add visual interest to your outfit.

Stylish Ways to Dress Up Tailored Shorts for Formal Occasions in 2022

Tailored shorts are no longer limited to casual or beach settings. In 2022, they are being embraced as a stylish option for formal occasions. With the right styling and accessories, tailored shorts can exude elegance and sophistication.

One way to dress up tailored shorts is by pairing them with a structured blazer. This instantly adds a polished touch to the outfit and creates a more formal aesthetic. Opt for matching or complementary colors between the shorts and blazer for a cohesive look.

Elevating the Look with Accessories

To further elevate the look of tailored shorts for formal occasions, accessorize thoughtfully. Add statement jewelry, such as chunky necklaces or bold earrings, to draw attention and add glamour. Complete the ensemble with sleek heels or dressy flats that complement the overall style.

Tips for Dressing Up Tailored Shorts:

  • Choose tailored shorts in luxe fabrics like silk or satin for an elevated look.
  • Opt for neutral or muted colors that lend themselves well to formal settings.
  • Add a belt to define your waist and create a more put-together appearance.

Paper Bag Waist Shorts: A Popular Choice Among Fashion-Forward Individuals This Year?

Paper bag waist shorts have gained popularity in recent years due to their unique silhouette and flattering fit. The cinched waistline creates an hourglass shape while adding an interesting and fashion-forward element to the shorts.

In 2022, paper bag waist shorts continue to be a popular choice among fashion-forward individuals. They offer a stylish alternative to traditional high-waisted shorts and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Effortless Chic

One of the reasons paper bag waist shorts are favored by many is their ability to effortlessly elevate an outfit. The gathered waistline adds volume and visual interest, making them a statement piece that can be paired with simple tops for a chic and put-together look.

Tips for Styling Paper Bag Waist Shorts:

  • Tuck in a fitted blouse or shirt to accentuate the cinched waistline.
  • Add a belt to further define your waist and create a more polished appearance.
  • Pair with strappy sandals or block heels for an elegant touch.

In conclusion, the styles of shorts that will be in trend in 2022 are expected to be diverse and versatile, catering to various preferences and fashion statements.

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