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what do people wear in the 90s

Popular Fashion Trends in the 1990s

The 1990s saw a variety of fashion trends that defined the decade. One of the most popular trends was grunge fashion, inspired by the music scene in Seattle. This style was characterized by oversized flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and combat boots. It was a rebellious and casual look that embraced a “no-fuss” attitude. Another trend that gained popularity in the 90s was minimalism. This style focused on clean lines, neutral colors, and simple silhouettes. It was a stark contrast to the bold and vibrant fashion of the 80s.

Hip-hop fashion also had a major influence on 90s style. Baggy pants, oversized t-shirts, and sportswear became staples in many people’s wardrobes. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger and FUBU were at the forefront of this trend. The rise of supermodels like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell also had a significant impact on fashion in the 90s. The “heroin chic” look became popular, with its emphasis on thinness and pale skin.

Popular Fashion Trends in the 1990s:

  • Grunge fashion
  • Minimalism
  • Hip-hop fashion
  • “Heroin chic” look

Grunge Fashion:

Grunge fashion emerged from the alternative music scene in Seattle, particularly with bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam leading the way. It was characterized by an unkempt appearance and a rejection of mainstream fashion norms. Flannel shirts worn over band t-shirts or thermal tops were common for both men and women. Ripped jeans or baggy pants paired with combat boots completed the look. The grunge style was all about being comfortable and expressing a sense of nonconformity.

Hip-hop Fashion:

Hip-hop fashion in the 90s was heavily influenced by urban street culture and music. Baggy pants, oversized t-shirts, and hoodies were popular among both men and women. Logos and brand names were prominently displayed on clothing items, reflecting the rise of designer labels in hip-hop culture. Timberland boots and sneakers like Air Jordans were also key elements of this style. Hip-hop fashion represented a form of self-expression and cultural identity for many individuals.

Casual Dressing in the 90s: How People Did It

In the 1990s, casual dressing became increasingly popular as people sought comfort and ease in their everyday outfits. One of the defining features of casual dressing in the 90s was the prevalence of denim. Denim jeans, jackets, and skirts were wardrobe staples for both men and women. Baggy jeans with wide legs or distressed details were particularly trendy.

T-shirts were another essential component of casual dressing in the 90s. Graphic tees featuring band logos, slogans, or pop culture references were commonly worn. Oversized t-shirts were especially popular among young people who embraced the grunge or hip-hop styles.

Sneakers also played a significant role in casual dressing during this decade. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Converse produced a wide range of athletic shoes that became fashionable footwear choices for everyday wear. White sneakers, particularly those with chunky soles or platform designs, were highly coveted.

Key Elements of Casual Dressing in the 90s:

  • Denim
  • Graphic tees
  • Sneakers


Denim was a versatile fabric that dominated casual dressing in the 90s. It was worn in various forms, including jeans, jackets, and skirts. Acid-washed or distressed denim was particularly popular, giving garments a worn-in and vintage look. Denim could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making it a go-to choice for many.

Graphic Tees:

Graphic tees were a way for individuals to express their interests and personal style. Band t-shirts featuring iconic musicians like Nirvana or Tupac Shakur were highly sought after. Pop culture references from movies, TV shows, and cartoons also adorned many graphic tees. The oversized fit of these shirts added to the casual and relaxed aesthetic of 90s fashion.


Sneakers became more than just athletic footwear in the 90s; they became fashion statements. Brands like Nike Air Max, Adidas Superstars, and Reebok Classics gained popularity for their stylish designs and comfort. Sneakers were worn with everything from jeans to dresses, adding a casual yet cool element to any outfit.

Iconic Clothing Items of the 90s

The 90s brought about a number of iconic clothing items that are still recognized and celebrated today. One such item is the denim jacket, which became a staple in both men’s and women’s fashion during this decade. The denim jacket was often worn oversized and adorned with patches or pins, giving it a grunge-inspired look. Another iconic clothing item from the 90s is the slip dress. Made popular by celebrities like Kate Moss and Winona Ryder, the slip dress was often worn with a t-shirt underneath or paired with combat boots for a more edgy look.

Additionally, the 90s saw the rise of athletic wear as everyday fashion. Brands like Nike and Adidas became synonymous with street style, with tracksuits and sneakers becoming go-to choices for both casual and sporty outfits. The popularity of these iconic clothing items in the 90s continues to influence fashion trends today.

The Distinct Style of Formal Wear and Special Occasions in the 90s

Formal wear and special occasions in the 90s were characterized by a distinct style that embraced boldness and glamour. Women’s formal wear often featured figure-hugging silhouettes, such as bodycon dresses or sleek pantsuits. These outfits were frequently embellished with sequins, beads, or metallic fabrics to add an extra touch of sparkle.

For men, formal wear in the 90s typically consisted of tailored suits in solid colors like black or navy blue. However, there was also a trend towards experimenting with bolder patterns and colors, such as plaid suits or brightly colored shirts paired with contrasting ties.

Trends in Hairstyles

  • Inspired by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston on “Friends,” the “Rachel” haircut became incredibly popular in the 90s. This layered, shoulder-length style with face-framing highlights was a favorite among women.
  • Men often sported gelled or slicked-back hairstyles, influenced by actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

Influential Designers

  • Versace: Known for their bold prints and luxurious fabrics, Versace was a prominent designer brand in the 90s.
  • Calvin Klein: Calvin Klein’s minimalist aesthetic and clean lines were highly influential in shaping formal wear trends during this decade.

Celebrities Who Influenced 90s Fashion

The 90s were marked by an array of influential celebrities who shaped fashion trends and inspired millions of people around the world. One such celebrity is Madonna, who constantly pushed boundaries with her daring fashion choices. Her iconic cone bra corset, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, became a symbol of female empowerment and rebellion.

Another influential figure in 90s fashion was Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana. Cobain’s grunge-inspired style, characterized by flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and worn-out sneakers, became synonymous with the alternative music scene of the time. His nonchalant approach to fashion resonated with many young people seeking an authentic and rebellious look.

Other Influential Celebrities:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker: As Carrie Bradshaw on “Sex and the City,” Parker popularized designer labels and showcased eclectic mix-and-match outfits that celebrated individuality.
  • Will Smith: Known for his role as Will Smith on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Smith’s colorful and vibrant style influenced streetwear and hip-hop fashion in the 90s.

The Impact of Grunge Fashion on 90s Clothing Choices

Grunge fashion had a significant impact on clothing choices in the 90s, particularly among young people who embraced the anti-establishment and rebellious attitude associated with this subculture. Grunge fashion was characterized by oversized flannel shirts, ripped jeans, combat boots, and band t-shirts.

One of the key elements of grunge fashion was its emphasis on comfort and a disheveled appearance. Layering was also a common practice, with individuals often wearing multiple flannel shirts or combining different textures to achieve a relaxed yet edgy look.

Influential Grunge Bands:

  • Nirvana: Kurt Cobain’s personal style and music greatly influenced the grunge fashion movement of the 90s.
  • Pearl Jam: Known for their raw sound and laid-back style, Pearl Jam contributed to popularizing grunge fashion.

The Dominant Color Palette in 90s Fashion

The dominant color palette in 90s fashion varied depending on the specific trends and subcultures that were prevalent during this decade. However, there were some colors that consistently stood out. One such color was neon. Neon shades like fluorescent green, hot pink, and electric blue were popular choices for both casual wear and athletic apparel.

On the other end of the spectrum, earth tones also had a strong presence in 90s fashion. Colors like olive green, brown, burgundy, and mustard yellow were commonly seen in grunge-inspired outfits or bohemian styles.

Popular Color Combinations:

  • Black and white: The classic combination of black and white was a timeless choice that transcended specific trends in 90s fashion.
  • Pastel hues: Soft pastel colors like baby blue, lavender, and pale pink were often paired together to create a feminine and dreamy aesthetic.

Must-Have Accessories for Men and Women in the 90s

The 90s were known for their distinctive accessories that added the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. For women, chokers were an essential accessory. These tight-fitting necklaces made of velvet or plastic were often worn with casual or grunge-inspired looks.

Another must-have accessory for both men and women in the 90s was the bucket hat. Made popular by hip-hop artists like LL Cool J, this hat style provided both sun protection and a cool, laid-back vibe.

Trendy Bags:

  • Fanny packs: Worn around the waist or across the chest, fanny packs became a practical and stylish accessory in the 90s.
  • Messenger bags: Inspired by bike messengers, these crossbody bags offered a convenient way to carry belongings while adding an urban edge to outfits.

Changes and Shifts in Fashion Trends Throughout the Decade of the 90s

The fashion trends of the 90s underwent several changes and shifts throughout the decade, reflecting societal shifts and cultural influences. In the early 90s, grunge fashion dominated with its casual and rebellious aesthetic. However, as the decade progressed, there was a shift towards more polished and glamorous styles influenced by pop culture icons like supermodels Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell.

The rise of hip-hop culture also had a significant impact on fashion trends in the 90s. Baggy jeans, oversized t-shirts, and sportswear became popular choices among both men and women, reflecting the influence of artists like Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.

Key Fashion Moments:

  • The introduction of the “heroin chic” aesthetic in the mid-90s, characterized by extremely thin models with pale skin and dark circles under their eyes.
  • The emergence of minimalism as a dominant trend towards the end of the decade, with designers like Calvin Klein leading the way with clean lines and simple silhouettes.

Influence of Music and Movies on Clothing Styles in the 90s

Music and movies played a significant role in shaping clothing styles throughout the 90s. The rise of grunge music heavily influenced fashion choices, as fans sought to emulate their favorite musicians’ looks. Bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam popularized flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and combat boots as everyday attire.

Movies also had a profound impact on fashion trends during this decade. Films like “Clueless” showcased preppy styles with plaid skirts, knee-high socks, and blazers worn over mini dresses. On the other hand, movies like “Pulp Fiction” introduced a more edgy and retro aesthetic with characters sporting leather jackets, black suits, and bold accessories.

Iconic Movie Fashion Moments:

  • “Titanic”: The elegant period costumes worn by Kate Winslet’s character Rose inspired a resurgence of romantic fashion elements such as corsets and lace details.
  • “The Matrix”: The sleek black leather trench coats worn by characters in this film became synonymous with futuristic style in the late 90s.

In conclusion, the fashion trends of the 90s were characterized by a mix of grunge, minimalism, and casual styles. People embraced oversized clothing, flannel shirts, denim jackets, and band t-shirts. The 90s fashion continues to inspire modern-day trends with its unique blend of comfort and individuality.

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