What Shoes to Wear with Cuffed Jeans? 2023 Guide to Effortless Style

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what shoes to wear with cuffed jeans

Choosing the Perfect Shoes to Complement Cuffed Jeans

Why is it important to choose the right shoes?

When wearing cuffed jeans, the shoes you choose can make or break your outfit. The right pair of shoes can elevate your look and add a touch of style, while the wrong pair can create a mismatched and unbalanced appearance. Therefore, it is essential to select shoes that complement your cuffed jeans and enhance your overall outfit.

Factors to consider when choosing shoes for cuffed jeans:

  • Style: Consider the overall style of your outfit and choose shoes that align with it. For a casual look, opt for sneakers or flat sandals, while ankle boots or heels can dress up the ensemble.
  • Length of cuff: Take into account how much you’ve cuffed your jeans. Different shoe styles work better with different cuff lengths. For example, ankle boots tend to look best with shorter cuffs, while loafers or oxfords can be paired with longer cuffs.
  • Color coordination: Ensure that the color of your shoes complements or contrasts well with the color of your jeans. Neutral-colored shoes are versatile and can be paired with various shades of denim.
  • Comfort: Don’t forget about comfort! Make sure the shoes you choose are comfortable enough for all-day wear. There’s no point in sacrificing comfort for style if you’ll end up with sore feet.

By considering these factors and following some general guidelines, you can find the perfect pair of shoes to complement your cuffed jeans and create a stylish and cohesive look.

Trendy Shoe Options That Go Well with Cuffed Jeans


Sneakers are a versatile and trendy option that pairs well with cuffed jeans. They offer both comfort and style, making them perfect for casual outfits. Opt for classic white sneakers for a clean and minimalist look, or choose bold colors or patterns to add a pop of personality to your ensemble.

Ankle boots:

Ankle boots are another popular choice to wear with cuffed jeans. They add a touch of edginess and can elevate your outfit from casual to chic. Choose ankle boots with a pointed toe for a more sophisticated look, or opt for chunky-heeled boots for a trendy and comfortable option.


Loafers are a stylish and polished choice that can be worn with cuffed jeans for both casual and dressier occasions. They offer a sleek and refined look while providing comfort and ease of wear. Opt for classic leather loafers in neutral tones like black or brown, or experiment with fun prints or metallic finishes to make a statement.

These trendy shoe options are just some of the many choices available when it comes to pairing shoes with cuffed jeans. Try different styles and see which ones best fit your personal style and the overall vibe you want to achieve.

Specific Shoe Styles Suited for Cuffed Jeans

When it comes to cuffed jeans, certain shoe styles can complement the look perfectly. One popular choice is ankle boots. Ankle boots add a touch of edge and sophistication to cuffed jeans, whether they are skinny or wide-legged. They create a sleek and streamlined appearance that elongates the legs. Another great option is sneakers. Sneakers provide a casual and comfortable vibe that pairs well with the relaxed nature of cuffed jeans. Opt for classic white sneakers for a clean and timeless look, or choose bold colored sneakers to make a statement.

Ankle Boots:

  • Pointed-toe ankle boots
  • Chelsea boots
  • Lace-up ankle boots


  • Classic white sneakers
  • Chunky dad sneakers
  • Slip-on sneakers

Best Shoes for a Casual Look with Cuffed Jeans

Cuffed jeans are often associated with a laid-back and casual style, so it’s important to choose shoes that enhance this aesthetic. One excellent choice is sandals. Sandals offer comfort and breathability during warmer months while maintaining an effortless and relaxed look. For a more polished yet still casual option, loafers are a great choice. Loafers provide a sophisticated touch without sacrificing comfort. They can be worn with both skinny and wide-legged cuffed jeans.


  • Slide sandals
  • Strappy sandals
  • Birkenstock-style sandals


  • Penny loafers
  • Tassel loafers
  • Bit loafers

Matching Shoe Choices for Different Types of Cuffed Jeans

Cuffed jeans come in various styles, from skinny to wide-legged, and it’s important to choose shoes that complement each type. For skinny cuffed jeans, ankle boots are a perfect match. The slim silhouette of the jeans pairs well with the sleekness of ankle boots, creating a balanced and stylish look. Wide-legged cuffed jeans, on the other hand, call for chunkier shoe options. Platform sneakers or wedges can add height and structure to the outfit while maintaining a casual vibe.

Ankle Boots:

  • Pointed-toe ankle boots
  • Chelsea boots
  • Lace-up ankle boots

Platform Sneakers/Wedges:

  • Chunky platform sneakers
  • Espadrille wedges
  • Sporty wedge sneakers

Shoe Colors and Patterns that Pair Well with Cuffed Jeans

The color and pattern of your shoes can make a significant impact on how they pair with cuffed jeans. Neutral colors such as black, white, brown, and gray are versatile choices that can be paired with any color of cuffed jeans. They provide a classic and timeless look that never goes out of style. Additionally, animal prints like leopard or snakeskin can add a touch of boldness and personality to your outfit without overpowering the simplicity of cuffed jeans.

Neutral Colors:

  • Black shoes (boots, sneakers, flats)
  • White shoes (sneakers, loafers)
  • Brown shoes (ankle boots, sandals)
  • Gray shoes (sneakers, oxfords)

Animal Prints:

  • Leopard print shoes
  • Snakeskin print shoes
  • Cheetah print shoes

Popular Shoe Styles to Wear with Cuffed Skinny Jeans

Cuffed skinny jeans are a versatile and trendy choice that can be paired with various shoe styles. One popular option is pointed-toe flats. Pointed-toe flats add a touch of elegance and femininity to the outfit while still maintaining a casual and comfortable feel. Another stylish choice is heeled sandals. Heeled sandals can elevate the look of cuffed skinny jeans, making them suitable for both daytime and evening occasions.

Pointed-Toe Flats:

  • Suede pointed-toe flats
  • Metallic pointed-toe flats
  • Embellished pointed-toe flats

Heeled Sandals:

  • Ankle strap heeled sandals
  • Block heel sandals
  • Strappy heeled sandals

Avoiding Footwear Mistakes When Wearing Cuffed Jeans

To ensure your footwear complements your cuffed jeans in the best way possible, it’s important to avoid some common mistakes. One mistake is wearing shoes that are too bulky or heavy for the cuffed style. This can create an unbalanced and disproportionate look. Instead, opt for sleeker shoe options like ankle boots or slim sneakers. Another mistake to avoid is wearing shoes that are too formal or dressy for the casual nature of cuffed jeans. Stick to more relaxed shoe styles like sandals, loafers, or sneakers.

Versatile Shoe Options for Both Slim and Wide-Legged Cuffed Jeans

When it comes to versatility, certain shoe options work well with both slim and wide-legged cuffed jeans. One such option is white sneakers. White sneakers provide a clean and fresh look that complements the simplicity of cuffed jeans regardless of their width. Another versatile choice is block heel sandals. Block heel sandals can add height and structure to both slim and wide-legged cuffed jeans while maintaining a stylish yet casual appearance.

White Sneakers:

  • Classic white sneakers
  • Platform white sneakers
  • Slip-on white sneakers

Block Heel Sandals:

  • Ankle strap block heel sandals
  • Cork block heel sandals
  • Metallic block heel sandals

Finding the Balance Between Comfort and Style with Shoes for Cuffed Jeans

When choosing shoes to wear with cuffed jeans, finding the balance between comfort and style is essential. One comfortable yet stylish option is ballet flats. Ballet flats offer ease of movement while still adding a touch of elegance to your outfit. Another great choice is slip-on sneakers. Slip-on sneakers provide convenience and comfort without compromising on style, making them perfect for long days on your feet.

Ballet Flats:

  • Leather ballet flats
  • Suede ballet flats
  • Bow-accented ballet flats

Slip-On Sneakers:

  • Canvas slip-on sneakers
  • Knit slip-on sneakers
  • Printed slip-on sneakers

In conclusion, when it comes to pairing shoes with cuffed jeans, it is important to consider the style and occasion. Opt for sneakers or loafers for a casual look, boots or heels for a dressier vibe, and sandals or flats for a summery feel. Ultimately, choose shoes that complement your personal style and make you feel confident in your outfit.

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