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what style clothes for my body shape

General Guidelines for Dressing According to Your Body Shape

Dressing according to your body shape can help you highlight your best features and create a balanced, flattering silhouette. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

Know Your Body Shape

The first step in dressing for your body shape is to determine what it is. Common body shapes include hourglass, pear, rectangular, apple, inverted triangle, and petite. Take measurements of your bust, waist, and hips to help identify which category you fall into.

Highlight Your Assets

Once you know your body shape, focus on highlighting your best assets. For example, if you have an hourglass figure with a defined waist, opt for clothing that cinches at the waist to accentuate this feature.

Create Balance

Creating balance in your outfits is key regardless of your body shape. If you have broader shoulders and narrower hips (inverted triangle), consider wearing clothing that adds volume or detail to the lower half of your body to create a more balanced look.

Determining Your Specific Body Shape for Flattering Clothing Styles

To determine your specific body shape, take note of the proportions between your bust, waist, and hips. Here are some common body shapes and their characteristics:


  • Bust and hips are similar in size with a well-defined waist.
  • Curvy figure with an overall balanced appearance.
  • Flattering clothing styles: Fitted dresses that emphasize the waistline, high-waisted bottoms paired with fitted tops.


  • Hips are wider than the bust, with a well-defined waist.
  • Smaller upper body compared to the lower body.
  • Flattering clothing styles: A-line skirts or dresses, tops that draw attention to the upper body, dark-colored bottoms paired with lighter-colored tops.


  • Bust, waist, and hips have similar measurements.
  • Straighter silhouette with less defined curves.
  • Flattering clothing styles: Belts to create definition at the waist, peplum tops or dresses to add volume to the hips, layered outfits for added dimension.


  • Fullness is concentrated in the midsection with a less defined waistline.
  • Bust may be larger compared to the hips.
  • Flattering clothing styles: Empire-waist dresses or tops that flow away from the midsection, v-necklines to elongate the torso, structured jackets or blazers for added structure.

Inverted Triangle

  • Bust is broader than the hips, with little waist definition.
  • Shoulders may appear wider compared to the lower body.
  • Flattering clothing styles: Bottoms with patterns or details to add volume to the hips, wide-leg pants or flared skirts for balance, v-necklines or scoop necklines to draw attention downward.

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In conclusion, understanding and dressing according to your body shape is essential for enhancing your personal style. By choosing clothes that flatter your figure, you can feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Experiment with different styles and silhouettes to find what suits you best, and remember that fashion should be a reflection of your unique personality and individuality.

Want to Improve Your Looks And Body?

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