What to Do When Bored: 10 Activities to Beat Boredom in 2023

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Productive Activities to Engage in When Feeling Bored

1. Organize and declutter your space

When boredom strikes, it can be the perfect opportunity to tackle that messy closet or cluttered desk. Take some time to organize and declutter your space. Not only will this help you feel more productive, but it can also create a sense of calm and clarity in your environment.

To get started, break down the task into smaller steps. Sort through items one by one, deciding what to keep, donate, or throw away. Use storage containers or bins to keep things organized and labeled. By creating a system for everything in your space, you’ll find it easier to locate items when you need them.

2. Learn a new skill online

The internet offers a wealth of knowledge and resources for learning new skills. Whether you’re interested in cooking, coding, photography, or playing an instrument, there are countless online courses and tutorials available.

Start by identifying an area you’ve always wanted to explore or improve upon. Look for reputable websites or platforms that offer courses or tutorials in that particular skill. Set aside dedicated time each day or week to practice and learn. As you progress, challenge yourself with more advanced techniques or projects.


  • Increased productivity
  • A sense of accomplishment
  • Gaining new knowledge and skills
  • An organized and clutter-free living space
  • A boost in creativity and inspiration


  1. Create a schedule or set specific goals for each activity.
  2. Find a quiet and comfortable space to work on your tasks.
  3. Eliminate distractions by turning off notifications or finding a dedicated workspace.
  4. Take breaks and engage in activities that relax and recharge you.
  5. Share your progress or creations with others for motivation and feedback.

How to Make the Most of Your Free Time When You’re Bored

1. Prioritize self-care:

a. Take a relaxing bath or shower.

b. Practice mindfulness or meditation.

c. Engage in a skincare routine.

When you find yourself with free time and feeling bored, it’s important to prioritize self-care activities that help you relax and rejuvenate. Taking a warm bath or shower can be incredibly soothing and help alleviate any stress or tension you may be experiencing. Additionally, practicing mindfulness or meditation can help calm your mind and bring a sense of peace. Lastly, engaging in a skincare routine can not only improve the health of your skin but also provide a moment of pampering and self-indulgence.

2. Explore new hobbies:

a. Learn to play a musical instrument.

b. Start gardening or indoor plant care.

c. Try your hand at cooking or baking.

One great way to make the most of your free time when boredom strikes is by exploring new hobbies that pique your interest. Learning to play a musical instrument can be both challenging and rewarding, allowing you to express yourself creatively through music. If you have access to outdoor space, starting a garden or taking care of indoor plants can be a fulfilling hobby that connects you with nature. Alternatively, experimenting with cooking or baking can not only result in delicious meals but also provide an outlet for creativity in the kitchen.

3. Engage in physical activity:

a. Go for a run or brisk walk outdoors.

b. Try out yoga or Pilates at home.

c. Join a local sports team or club.

Physical activity is not only beneficial for your physical health but also for your mental well-being. When you’re feeling bored, engaging in physical activities can help boost your mood and energy levels. Going for a run or brisk walk outdoors allows you to enjoy fresh air and explore your surroundings. If you prefer a more low-impact option, trying out yoga or Pilates at home can help improve flexibility and promote relaxation. Additionally, joining a local sports team or club provides an opportunity to socialize while staying active.

Hobbies and Interests to Explore When Feeling Bored

1. Cooking and Baking

Try out new recipes:

– Experiment with different cuisines, such as Thai or Indian.
– Challenge yourself to make a homemade pizza from scratch.
– Bake a batch of cookies using unique ingredients like lavender or matcha.

Learn new cooking techniques:

– Master the art of making homemade pasta.
– Learn how to properly sear a steak for the perfect crust.
– Try your hand at fermenting vegetables for homemade pickles.

Exploring cooking and baking can not only alleviate boredom but also provide a sense of accomplishment when you create delicious meals or treats. Plus, it’s a practical skill that can be enjoyed by yourself or shared with others.

2. Photography

Experiment with different subjects:

– Take nature photographs in your local park or garden.
– Capture candid moments of your friends and family.
– Explore abstract photography by focusing on patterns and textures.

Learn new photography techniques:

– Practice long exposure photography to capture stunning light trails at night.
– Experiment with macro photography to capture intricate details up close.
– Try your hand at portrait photography by learning about lighting and composition.

Photography is a great way to express creativity and explore the world around you. Whether you use a smartphone or a professional camera, capturing moments through photography can be both fulfilling and entertaining.

Creative Outlets and Artistic Pursuits to Try Out When Boredom Strikes

1. Painting and Drawing

Create an art journal:

– Use watercolors to paint landscapes or abstract designs in your journal.
– Sketch everyday objects using pencils or charcoal for practice.
– Experiment with mixed media by combining different art mediums in your journal.

Learn new painting and drawing techniques:

– Explore the art of acrylic pouring to create mesmerizing abstract patterns.
– Practice shading and perspective to improve your drawing skills.
– Experiment with different brush strokes and textures to add depth to your paintings.

Engaging in painting and drawing can provide a therapeutic outlet for self-expression. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, exploring these artistic pursuits can be a great way to relax, unwind, and unleash your creativity.

2. Writing

Start a journal:

– Write about your thoughts, feelings, or experiences each day.
– Use prompts or writing exercises to spark inspiration.
– Try different styles of journaling, such as bullet journaling or gratitude journaling.

Explore different forms of writing:

– Write short stories or flash fiction pieces.
– Experiment with poetry by trying out different poetic forms like haiku or sonnet.
– Start a blog where you can share your thoughts on various topics that interest you.

Writing is a powerful tool for self-reflection and exploration. It allows you to express yourself, organize your thoughts, and even entertain others through storytelling. Give it a try when boredom strikes!

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Outdoor Activities and Sports to Do When Feeling Bored

Hiking and Nature Walks

One great way to combat boredom is by getting outside and exploring nature. Hiking and nature walks are not only a great form of exercise but also provide an opportunity to connect with the natural world. Whether it’s a local trail or a national park, there are countless options for outdoor adventures.


If you’re looking for a fun and active way to alleviate boredom, consider taking up cycling. Whether it’s road biking or mountain biking, cycling offers a chance to explore new areas, get some fresh air, and improve your fitness level. You can join local cycling groups or simply go for solo rides to enjoy the freedom of the open road.

Recommended Books, Movies, and TV Shows for Entertainment During Moments of Boredom


When boredom strikes, diving into a good book can transport you to another world. Whether you prefer fiction or non-fiction, there are endless options to choose from. Some highly recommended books include “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.


If you’re in the mood for some cinematic entertainment, movies can be a great option. From action-packed blockbusters to thought-provoking dramas, there’s something for everyone. Some must-watch movies include “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Inception,” and “Pulp Fiction.”

Using Technology to Alleviate Boredom in a Meaningful Way

Online Learning Platforms

In today’s digital age, technology offers a plethora of opportunities to combat boredom. Online learning platforms like Coursera and Udemy provide access to a wide range of courses on various subjects. Whether you want to learn a new language, develop coding skills, or explore art history, these platforms offer a chance to expand your knowledge and keep boredom at bay.

Virtual Museum Tours

Another way to use technology for meaningful engagement is by taking virtual museum tours. Many renowned museums around the world offer online tours that allow you to explore their collections from the comfort of your own home. From the Louvre in Paris to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, you can immerse yourself in art and culture without leaving your couch.

DIY Projects and Crafts to Undertake When Feeling Bored

Candle Making

If you’re looking for a creative outlet during moments of boredom, consider trying your hand at candle making. With just a few supplies like wax, fragrance oils, and wicks, you can create beautiful candles customized to your preferences. Not only is it a fun activity, but you’ll also have unique candles to enjoy or gift to others.

Painting or Drawing

Expressing yourself through painting or drawing can be incredibly therapeutic and fulfilling. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out, picking up a paintbrush or pencil can help alleviate boredom and tap into your creativity. You can experiment with different mediums like watercolors, acrylics, or charcoal and let your imagination run wild.

Tips on Learning Something New and Expanding Knowledge During Periods of Boredom

Start a Language Learning Journey

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new language but never found the time, periods of boredom can be the perfect opportunity. There are numerous language learning apps and websites available, such as Duolingo and Babbel, that offer interactive lessons and exercises. You can start with the basics and gradually progress to more advanced levels.

Explore Online Courses

Expanding your knowledge in a specific area of interest is a great way to combat boredom. Many reputable universities and educational platforms offer online courses on various subjects. Whether it’s history, psychology, or computer science, you can find courses that cater to your interests and help you gain new insights.

Social Activities and Ways to Connect with Others That Combat Boredom

Join a Book Club

If you’re looking for social activities to combat boredom, joining a book club can be a great option. Book clubs provide an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for reading. You can engage in lively discussions about books, exchange recommendations, and build meaningful relationships.

Volunteer for a Cause

One meaningful way to combat boredom while making a positive impact is by volunteering for a cause you care about. Whether it’s helping at a local shelter, participating in community clean-up events, or assisting in fundraising efforts, volunteering allows you to connect with others while contributing to something greater than yourself.

In conclusion, when feeling bored, it is important to actively seek out new activities and engage in hobbies or interests that bring joy and excitement. By doing so, one can effectively combat boredom and make the most of their time.

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