5 Ways Men’s Street Fashion is Influencing Runway Trends

5 Ways Men's Street Fashion is Influencing Runway Trends

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ion is a form of self-expression. Expressions are created concerning many factors such as culture, mood, personality, and surroundings. However, this mode of expression changes with time and place.

When fashion designers craft these expressions into apparel and display them on the runways, they become the talk of the town. Every individual tries to adopt these expressions and in no-time these expressions turn out to be the fashion trends!

Most fashion trends are transitory, while others keep evolving because they are all related to lifestyle choices and style. People tend to choose clothes in which they feel relaxed and easy, and then go on a parade on the streets. This is commonly known as street fashion, that is, to look handsome while being comfortable at the same time.

Men’s street fashion has been a major influence on runway trends. What an individual carries due to need and comfort, can be tweaked with a hint of fashion.

How street style inspires runway trends?

You might be wondering how and why a simple street style can be incorporated into a high-end fashion trend. Well, here’s why:

  • The street style looks are easier to recreate.
  • People tend to relate to the ‘everyday look’.
  • It includes basic clothing items that everyone already owns.

Let us find out which comfort-based attire is manipulating the show-stoppers of the runway!

Denim it is

Men love wearing denim, and that’s a fact! The main reason is that it is comfortable for everyday wear.

The most fashionable styles on the streets are crafted with denim. However, when worn with the right elements and combinations, it can make its way to the fashion runway.

The new norm of the fashion industry is all about simplicity but with a hint of fun. So take out your denim jackets and pair them with blue skinny jeans. Wear a white or black t-shirt inside with matching sneakers.

Leather up!

Men’s leather jackets are the epitome of magnificence and sophistication. Men who already own a leather jacket are familiar with fashion attire. They know that a classy leather jacket can upgrade any outfit and can add enough glamor to any ensemble that enters the walks of the fashion runway.

For a rough and tough street look, a men’s leather motorcycle jacket in black is a good option to go for. If you wear it on top of a white round-neck t-shirt and jeans, your sporty street look is complete. To make it to the fashion ramp, you should add a neutral-toned muffler and leather boots.

Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are one of the most essential semi-casual summer streetwear. It is also called ‘walk shorts’ or ‘dress shorts’. They sit about an inch above the knee. The hems of these shorts can be cuffed or uncuffed.

Traditionally, shorts were limited to tennis courts and beaches only. But now, due to social distancing, shorts are making a come-back, especially on the fashion ramp.

Fashion trends say shorts can be incorporated into our daily wear as well as in professional wear. The work-from-home trend has given life to the wear-shorts-from-home trend! This trend allows men to show their legs within their comfort zone.

Runway trends in summers are all about beat-the-heat attire and vacation-mode clothing. For a cool look in the hot summers, you can wear any floral printed shirt with your Bermuda shorts. Don’t forget to wear flip-flops to complete this summer outfit.

For holiday travels, you can wear striped Bermuda shorts with a plain white t-shirt. This is a very simple and laid-back style.

Walk in style

Footwear is one of the most vital items of clothing in an outfit for men. There is a huge variety of shoe styles available.

When out on the walk, men prefer casual leather shoes for the best look. However, men are also seen wearing sneakers when out for informal gatherings. Some men prefer loafers for an easy laid-back look.

All these street styles have been incorporated into the fashion ramp.

Cherry on top

The finer details of men’s fashion always get overlooked. By default, men’s accessories are not considered front runners of their outfits. In fact, our focus lies on the clothing essentials such as shirts and jeans.

However, these accessories are as important as the clothing items especially when on the runway. They add a spark to the whole ensemble without much hassle.

Following are the items that are necessary when you are out on the streets.

  • Sunglasses

Good sunglasses can bring any outfit to the fore. When choosing a sunglass, keep in mind your face shape. A face with a strong jawline and sharp features will look good in round-shaped sunglasses.

  • Scarves

A must on the chilly days, scarves are great in providing warmth. Apart from that, scarves can provide a pop of color to your whole outfit.

  • Hats

Summer street style’s ultimate accessory is the hat. For very casual wear, baseball caps and bucket hats are ideal. A hat serves both –comfort and fashion.

  • Bags

The primary purpose of a bag is to hold your essential items. But what if we tell you that you can carry your essentials with style? Yes! And for style, we recommend leather. So, go get a leather bag, a cross-body style is preferable, for formal meetings.


We all know that inspiration can be taken from anywhere and everywhere. But as they say, charity begins at home, we say, fashion trends begin at home as well! We get our biggest inspirations from our lifestyle and we tend to get influenced by our surroundings.

A style that most people can relate to and feel comfortable with is the style that becomes a trend. And in no time we see that everyone is following it.

Men’s street style has been an important source of inspiration for the fashion industry. These styles start as simple ideas and travel to the fashion ramp as powerful ensembles.



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