Personality or Looks? 3 Studies Reveal Looks Matter More

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Is personality really important? We’ve all heard the saying that nice guys finish last. There might be scientific evidence that suggests that this saying might actually be true. In fact, there is evidence that suggests that looks might play a bigger role in our relationships than we think.

1.  Beauty or security. What leads to attraction?

Does looks or money matter more? There was a study done by the University of North Carolina’s Social Behavioral Science Building. This study examined the various things that lead to romantic attraction (beauty, security, reciprocity, similarity).

Attraction research has been conducted for years, with strong evidence that established multiple principles. In this study, researchers examined speed dating in a real-life setting. The Social Relations Model demonstrated that the strongest predictor of attraction for both sexes was physical attractiveness.

Many previous studies had been criticized for lacking validity and relying only on well-controlled experiments. It was shown that self-characteristics predicted attraction in women more than it did for men. Partner’s characteristics predicted attraction for men more.

2.  Everything is Ok… Until you misbehave.

This study examines cognitive bias in humans. The halo effect is a real phenomenon that affects all of us, either positively or negatively. Possessing a positive characteristic (like being attractive, results in a massive cognitive bias toward that person.

The same cognitive bias applies on the flip side. A negative characteristic results in a bias towards that individual (or the horn effect). This experiment revealed that when we violate social norms, that is the trigger for negative bias.

The study showed how ugly and attractive male faces would affect cognitive bias when they violated social norms. Two male faces, one unattractive and one attractive were put into two scenarios. High social norm violation and low social norm violation. They were also rated on personality characteristics.

The researchers expected to see the horn effect when the norm violations occurred. 170 female participants were tested, and the results showed that when an unattractive man violated social norms. They were viewed by the females twice as harshly as the attractive man.

3.  Looks, aggression, and popularity in teenagers.

This study collected ratings of 143 7th-grade students’ facial attractiveness, and information about their aggression, physical aggression, and popularity from their teachers. 70 of the students in the study were girls.

The study revealed that facial attractiveness controlled the relationship between aggression and popularity in students. Aggression was associated with lower popularity. But, the attractive students did not garner more popularity when acting aggressively.

It was shown that aggressive students with high facial attractiveness would experience fewer negative social consequences, which contributed to higher rates of aggression in schools.

Final Thoughts?

You can draw many conclusions from the studies above. However, you want to look at it, the reality is that personality isn’t as important as a society and our parents taught us to believe. Highly attractive men with Dark-Triad -type personalities attract many women with ease. This reality flies in the face of what most women would state they want in a partner.

Also, many men are willing to accept women with worse personalities based on how attractive they are. Now, looks alone aren’t enough to sustain a relationship. But the point is that, maximizing your looks gives you far more opportunities than the next guy. If you are looking for a partner, it’s best not to stress over stupid things you might say. Or unique quirks you might have.

As long as you have a good moral character and are financially fit. And you start Looksmaxing to your fullest potential, you are in a winning position.

Want to Improve Your Looks And Body?

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