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Moisturizing is a crucial component of skin care not just for women, but for men as well. Regardless of skin type or age, maintaining hydration can help protect the skin from dryness, environmental stressors, and premature aging. With the vast array of grooming products available, it’s clear that men are investing more than ever in their personal care routines, and moisturizers are at the core of this trend. These creams, lotions, or gels are designed to lock in moisture, soothe the skin, and often provide additional benefits like sun protection or anti-aging properties.

Men’s skin, typically thicker and oilier than women’s, has unique needs that must be met with specifically formulated products. A good moisturizer for men should address these differences, effectively balancing and nourishing the skin without leaving it greasy. Products infused with natural ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, or hyaluronic acid are known for their hydrating and soothing effects. Other moisturizers might contain retinol or vitamins C and E, which are beneficial for their anti-aging and restorative qualities.

When in the market for a men’s moisturizer, it’s important to consider skin type – whether it’s normal, dry, oily, combination, or sensitive. Ingredients and formulation are pivotal; for oily or acne-prone skin, a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer may be ideal, whereas dry or sensitive skin may require thicker, more emollient-rich options. Other factors include the presence of SPF for day use, hypoallergenic properties, and fragrance-free formulations to cater to sensitive skin.

Our detailed exploration into men’s moisturizers aimed to find products that deliver not only hydration but also cater to the complexity of men’s skin care. We examined a wide range of moisturizers, scrutinizing their ingredients, efficacy, texture, and user feedback to identify options that rise above the rest. Eager to uncover the best solutions for maintaining healthy male skin, we now present our findings on the best moisturizers tailored to men’s diverse skin care needs.

Top Moisturizers for Men

Our comprehensive guide is tailored to help you navigate the vast sea of skincare products. We understand that finding the right moisturizer can be a game-changer for your daily routine. With our expertise, we have carefully selected moisturizers that cater specifically to men’s skin. These products promise not only to hydrate and nourish but also to address common skin concerns such as oiliness, dryness, and sensitivity. Join us as we explore the best options on the market to elevate your skincare regimen.

MARLOWE. No. 123 Facial Moisturizer

We think the MARLOWE. No. 123 Men’s Facial Moisturizer is a solid choice for men seeking hydration without the heaviness of traditional creams.


  • Offers a lightweight formula that absorbs quickly
  • Includes natural extracts for skin nourishment
  • Sports a subtle, masculine scent


  • The scent might not appeal to everyone
  • May not be moisturizing enough for very dry skin
  • Some users may prefer a fragrance-free option

After using this product, our skin felt notably softer and well-hydrated. The moisturizer strikes an excellent balance, providing enough moisture without leaving a greasy residue. It’s particularly refreshing to use after a morning face wash, leaving a feeling of replenishment that lasts throughout the day.

We’ve also enjoyed the scent—a combination of aloe and citrus topped with a woodsy note. It’s distinct yet not overwhelming, contributing to that fresh, just-out-of-the-shower feeling. The inclusion of green tea, passionflower extracts, and aloe vera in the ingredients is a plus, working to soothe the skin post-shaving or when it’s just generally irritated.

Considering the overall experience, we appreciate how our skin feels after application. The MARLOWE. No. 123 Facial Moisturizer is quite versatile, functioning well as both a day and night moisturizer. Despite its few drawbacks, its performance is commendable, making it a deserving contender for those who prioritize skin hydration in their grooming routine.

Jack Black Double-Duty Moisturizer

After incorporating it into our daily regimen, we’re convinced that this moisturizer is a solid choice due to its dual-purpose formula and superior skin protection.


  • Offers both hydration and sun protection
  • Contains nourishing ingredients like vitamin E
  • Lightweight and doesn’t leave a greasy residue


  • Higher price point compared to some competitors
  • Dispenser may malfunction according to some users
  • Scented, which may not be preferred by all users

Upon application, the lightweight cream seamlessly absorbs into the skin, providing instant hydration without a hint of greasiness—a must for those of us with a busier lifestyle. The inclusion of SPF 20 is a thoughtful touch, shielding our skin from the sun’s harmful rays, which is an often-neglected aspect of men’s skincare.

The moisturizer’s fresh peppermint scent is refreshing, subtly awakening the senses each morning. Far more than a simple moisturizer, it has become a crucial step in our daily skin protection.

Despite the praises, the price can be a consideration for budget-conscious individuals. Also, it is vital to point out that while most dispensers function properly, a few of us encountered issues, suggesting some inconsistency in packaging quality.

In overall use, the Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer offers more than just surface-level benefits. Our skin feels notably smoother and more resilient, and long-term use seems promising. Its compact size also makes it convenient for travel, ensuring we never miss out on our skincare routine, no matter where we are.

Menvils Men’s Moisturizer

We believe this moisturizer is a solid choice for men seeking hydrated skin and anti-aging benefits without overpowering scents.


  • Hydrates and soothes dry skin effectively
  • Targets signs of aging including fine lines
  • Consists of quality natural ingredients for sensitive skin


  • May leave a greasy residue on some skin types
  • Not all users experience visible anti-aging results
  • Could be too mild for those preferring a scented product

As someone who’s attentive to their skincare, I’ve noticed that Menvils Men’s Moisturizer has earned its place on the bathroom counter. The cream has a no-fuss application, spreading smoothly across the skin without the need for excessive rubbing. It’s been part of my morning ritual, and my face feels adequately equipped to handle the day’s challenges – from dry office air to brisk winds.

Nighttime use is just as satisfying. The moisturizer works subtly as I sleep, and I’ve been waking up with a complexion that looks refreshed. It’s been particularly effective at easing the dryness around my forehead and chin. There’s no detectable fragrance to clash with my cologne, which is a thoughtful touch for men who prefer a neutral scent profile.

I’ve appreciated the peace of mind that comes with using a product formulated with natural ingredients. Knowing that it’s made in the USA with quality components lends credence to its promises. While the cream claims to combat signs of aging, expectations should be realistic – it’s not a miracle worker but a reliable staple in a proactive skincare regimen.

In summary, Menvils Men’s Moisturizer does a commendable job of keeping skin hydrated and feeling smooth. It’s a straightforward choice for anyone looking to introduce a no-fuss moisturizer into their daily skincare routine.

NIVEA MEN Hydration Lotion

We think this NIVEA lotion is a top pick for men who need a versatile and non-greasy skin moisturizer.


  • Quickly absorbs without a sticky residue
  • Keeps skin hydrated for over 24 hours
  • Multipurpose use for body, face, and hands


  • The scent might not appeal to everyone
  • Some may find it too light for extremely dry skin
  • Users with sensitive skin might experience irritation

After trying out the NIVEA MEN Maximum Hydration Body Lotion, we’ve noticed a significant difference in our skin’s moisture levels. From the first application, the lotion provides a refreshing sensation that’s deeply nourishing. Its lightweight texture ensures it glides easily onto the skin, absorbing rapidly without leaving any greasy aftermath.

The lotion’s versatility as a 3-in-1 product is quite impressive. Rather than cluttering the bathroom with multiple products, it simplifies our skincare routine. An application immediately after showering locks in the moisture, and it’s comforting to know that one product can address the face, hands, and body so effectively.

We’re particularly taken by the fact that this lotion keeps our skin hydrated throughout the day. There’s no need for frequent reapplications, which is a testament to the 24-hour moisture it promises. Whether we’re braving dry winter air or recovering from sun exposure, this lotion has proven to be an all-season ally for our skin.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Moisturizer

We highly recommend Kiehl’s Facial Fuel for its ability to invigorate tired skin and provide essential hydration without the heavy or greasy feel often associated with men’s skin care.


  • Infused with Caffeine and Vitamin C for an energizing effect
  • Formulated to resist environmental stressors
  • Absorbs quickly giving skin a revitalized appearance


  • May be priced higher compared to other moisturizers
  • Scent might not appeal to everyone
  • Container size might be small for frequent users

Slathering my face with this Kiehl’s Facial Fuel has become a morning ritual. The instant pick-me-up effect is noticeable, the skin gains a certain vibrancy as if I had just splashed cold water on my face. Thanks to the caffeine kick, not only do I feel more awake, but my skin does too, shaking off any lingering signs of fatigue.

The smooth consistency of the gel is an absolute delight. It glides over the skin effortlessly and sinks in without a trace, leaving no oily residue. I find it serving both as an excellent post-shave balm and a reliable daily moisturizer. It’s like giving my skin a dose of energy that lasts throughout the day.

While the price point does poke the wallet a bit more than I’d like, I remind myself that quality often comes at a premium. Plus, a small dab goes a long way, so the 2.5 Fl Oz container lasts longer than one might initially think. Overall, Kiehl’s Facial Fuel has secured a permanent spot in my grooming arsenal.

Buying Guide

Understand Your Skin Type

The first factor we consider is skin type, as it largely determines which moisturizer is ideal for our skin. Skin types can be generally categorized as:

  • Normal: Neither too oily nor too dry
  • Dry: Flaky, itchy, or rough texture
  • Oily: Shiny, greasy, and may have large pores
  • Combination: Dry in some areas, oily in others
  • Sensitive: May react to certain ingredients with redness or irritation

Key Ingredients

We look for key ingredients that cater to our skin type:

  • For Dry Skin: Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramides.
  • For Oily Skin: Salicylic acid and lightweight hydration like aloe vera.
  • For Sensitive Skin: Aloe vera, chamomile, and ingredients free from fragrances and parabens.

Moisturizer Texture

The texture is another aspect we assess:

  • Lightweight Lotions: Best for normal or oily skin.
  • Heavy Creams: Suited for dry or sensitive skin types.
  • Gels: Good for oily skin as they’re water-based and absorb quickly.

SPF Inclusion

If we plan to be outdoors, we ensure our moisturizer includes SPF protection to safeguard our skin from harmful UV rays.

Price vs. Quantity

We evaluate the price in relation to the quantity offered. It’s not always about buying the cheapest option, but rather about getting the best value.

Additional Benefits

We also consider extra benefits such as:

  • Anti-aging properties
  • Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores)
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  • Oil-free formulation for oily skin

By examining these factors, we guide ourselves to choose the most appropriate moisturizer for our needs.

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